Monday, September 29, 2014


Nairne has returned home from his mission to undergo surgery on both his knees.

Monday, September 15, 2014

My knees don't work

Well here it goes my peeps.

So my knees have been hurting me more than usual. So I went to check them out with the Doc in Puebla and well he said "sus rodillas no sirven".  That means my knees don't work.  So that's a little sad and disheartening. He said I will most likely have to get surgery.  So I went and got a scan. I had to lay still for 45 min. That's rough. I just passed out after 15 min. So always fun. We will see what happens later this week.

So this guy is killin' me with his English. So when we are in a lesson and the person we are teaching isn't paying attention or is not understanding we sing 'mas pacencia dame' in our heads... means more patience give me. He asked me how to say it in English.  I asked him what he thought it was. He said 'more patience kiss me' hahahaah. I said 'bro im not your girl' then explained it to him. He was super embarrassed. Good times, that's for sure. 

So we have this family that lives in this forest, and it's a forest that the dad made. He brought a bunch of trees and brush down to have it around his house. He is a forest man.... like 100% classic stuff.   Anyway, they have a little kid named J...he is a classic kid. He chose to have a pet goat instead of a pet dog, so it's a little interesting. But I forgave him haha. 

Take it easy and love it while it lasts. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

We took that as a NO

This will be quick cause this internet might fall again. 
Sunday school:
So it was the best one I have been in but I can't tell what the message was about.  It was the best because I was kicking it in the back with a ruppa; like the ruppa of ruppas.  We were just kicking it old school. Classic times for sure. 
Less Actives:
So we went to visit this less active, she was leaving her house and clearly saw us and decided to hop in her little blue bug and speed off:  so we took that as a no. Then we went out to the goma to visit this lady and she was walking in front of us.  We called out her name and when she saw us she yelled "I don't want you to come to my house."  So there's that:  love in the sun in Mexico eh. 
So usually in Mexico in whatever part you go you will see dogs.  Heck I walk to the house of prayer here which is like a 5 min walk and I see like 10 dogs.  So it's a normal thing and I love it; and you will see chickens just roaming around without the slightest clue:  they are just loooking to eat. Anyway, my point is these are the normal things we see.  So the other day when I saw a pig cruising around in this little pueblo I was dying. Just real random and real chill this pig.

Anyway, sorry it was short. Keep it real. DEUCES

Monday, September 1, 2014

Some moves to make

Here it goes my friends: 
Crocodile Hunter:
We went up to help out a member clean up her backyard. So she gave us machetes and said go hack away. Was some of the coolest service I've done. Felt like I was discovering el dorador. Anyway we were resting and the hermana asked if I wanted to catch some vipers. I said ya I'm cool let's do this thing. So I went down and caught one.And as I'm picking it up, she screams, like bloody murder screams, and I freak out and throw this snake. I asked her why she did that. She then proceeds to tell me that they are poisonous snakes. So what do I do?  I go catch 4 more and 3 lizards. As I was walking home I swear I felt Jeff Corwin's jealousy.

So there are no changes. We are kicking it here for another 6 weeks, which will be real nice; we got some moves to make. 
So maybe I should have played soccer as a child but then again no. But I had like 10 goals today. I stole the ball from my comp and he stuck his foot to try to get it back and he fell. Then he stops the game thinking I fouled him, I then run by him brush my shoulder with his and fall screaming and grabbing my knee. Good stuff. Mexicans love to push but when they fall it can't be their fault haha. Good stuff..
Take it easy and don't play with snakes.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Two miracles this day

This week was way cool so here it goes:

So we baptized the Hermana G. after 4 years of investigating we closed her out. This women is the strongest dry Mormon I've seen. She has a testimony that is close to the prophets. Wildness. The coolest part is that we went up to a cascade to do the ordinance. So when we got there after a hour and a half of traveling we were taking pics and the Ex presidente of the branch slipped and fell into some rocks. Now me and my comp both saw the slowest fall of all time.  It was like someone was slowly setting him down. Weirdest thing and when we went over to help him up, he almost split his head open on this boulder... talking centimeters. And when we helped him up he was on the softest dirt that I have ever been in. 2 miracles this day. Way cool.

So the second counselor of the mission came down to check out the house and since we live in the middle of nowhere they brought their 2 kids to check out the Tetela wonder and they stayed the night . SLEEPOVER. His wife made some crepes that are downright miracles. Who knows what she did. And then he and his son went with us to eat some tacos.  Well those tacos you just can't go wrong. Way sweet... love it that's for sure. Food in general and free food is even better.

Well that's all, short and sweet but other that that not much happened. Lots of walking, sleeping and preaching. DEUCES

Monday, August 18, 2014

I need to be ready to serve you

This week was cool. Here it goes:

So I had the opportunity to see some pretty funny kids this week. The first was this little 6 year old girl who was at the fair. I was thinking about throwing darts to pop 3 balloons to win a prize but didn't want to lose any money. Then this girl comes up and asks to throw the darts. The lady gives her 3 darts and she throws them one by one, pops three balloons and takes her minion shaped piggy bank and says thanks and walks off. All of this in under 30 seconds. Talk about confidence. I look at my comp, look at the people behind me and turn to the lady and say I think I'll throw too. I followed her example and got my own little piggy bank haha. 
The second is Iv.  He's 6 too. We showed up to his house and he was all dirty as he had been playing in the dirt. After our lesson with them he went and cleaned himself up. He came out with a white tshirt on, his slacks and even put some cologne and put some gel in his hair hahaha.  He kept telling us that he was there to serve us and that whatever we wanted he would get. So we were eating dinner with them and he kept saying that. We kept telling him to sit down and eat but he said no I need to be ready to serve you.  So I told him can you do me a favor;  he said ya anything you want. Then I said can you eat with us.  His face was like, oh crap, then he said ya and sat and ate with us.  Classic times.

So we just made a change to our presidency. It's the Elder Z. Good stuff, get some American style in this rama so we can get this place into a ward. Good change in my opinion. Love him and his wife. They are great people and so freaky funny. 
Well that's about it. Hope we enjoy it.  If you've got questions ask me, eh. DEUCES.

Monday, August 11, 2014

He's a straight baller

Here it goes folks:

So there is the ruppa that follows us everywhere. He followed us to 3 appointments and sat in on one of lesssons and came to church. I hope my ruppa is like this. He always chases the other dogs off that are barking at us. He's a straight baller. 

So the married couple that was with me in my old area just got assigned up here. It's pretty sweet, we are just kicking it in their sweet house cracking jokes and washing our clothes with a dryer and washer.  Oh it's beautiful, never thought I would be in love with a dryer in my life but it's the sweetness.

So my comp is a genius and teaches like a straight baller.  I'm trying to learn to teach real smooth, so it's pretty interesting; love learning how to do things easier.  I'm not a man to complicate things, the shorter, the better and the simpler things are the best. 

Well it wasn't too much.  We just helped move the Zimmermans up here and get them all prepped up . Hope it satisfies ya. DEUCES

Monday, August 4, 2014

You can blame the sickness

This week was, well, not too fun;
SO I was sick starting Monday night till right now. So that's a week straight. It was really cruddy but gave me a week to rest up and sleep and read a lot of the talks from past conferences. It's weird to see the words in the past conference help so much for now and in the future. We had to go to Puebla Friday. Soo that's 4 hrs in a bus to Puebla with stomach sickness and well, you see where I'm going. Not the most ideal place to be but it's all cool.

So we went to the Hospital los Angles which is absolutely huge, like massive, for my companion to get a checkup on his nose. He had surgery on it. Anyway we got there at 5:30 for the doc and the appointment was at 6. Well the doc didn't show up until 7:15. and during this short time we played Hangman with my whiteboard. Was classic times. the simplest things can pass the time. Wildness. 

So Monday we went and visited a less active member and they were testing a new karaoke machine. They were telling me to sing some Mexican songs and I told them I would sing if there was an English song. And with my luck there was ..... Mambo #5. And well I sang was terrible, downright terrible, but it was fun. 

Well that's about all. You can blame the sickness for the boring report. DEUCES

Monday, July 28, 2014


Well folks here it goes:
So my bro (and companion) Elder Fi. left to be a trainer. So I'm still here. Funny story I kinda knew who my comp was going to be (connections with the offices and they are real good at keeping secrets) anyway when they called my name and Elder V. I was stoked cause he is the homie and I was doing like a dancing walk thing and fell onto some chairs. Wasn't real embarassing but everyone was just dying laughing. He's from Guadalajara. Cool dude and he's the ex assistant so he's keeping me in line. Real smooth teacher and has 20 meses so he's got the experience on his side. 
So came into this area fat; I'll admit it, but now everywhere I go like to zone meetings or to the offices, everyone tells me that I have been losing weight and I look skinny. So thank you Tetela. 
So as missionaries we get rejected by people of all ages, but these people usually have knowledge on why they are rejecting us. They know what their beliefs are and what is happening around them. So here in Tetela countless times I have been rejected and no pasa nada but I have never had rocks thrown at me until now..... by 2 girls who were 6 years old.  Not only when we walked by on our way up but when we walked down. It was wild and the mom walked outside and was like laughing. So it was a interesting time and they almost hit my comp on the dome and me on the back. Good thing we got moves like Reggie Bush at USC; or like Mcjagger.

Anyway thats all folks take it smoooth and real. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

We let all in

Well, sorry, didn't have time last week and well I have a tiny bit more this week.  Here it goes:
The Branch:
Ya, so my branch rules. We ball out. Kinda. Anyway 2 reasons why. 1)We accept all sizes especially when it comes to the sacrament bread we only accept the big ones; like fat, round, delicious white bread. Real good. (if you don't understand ask a Mormon) and the second reason is we let all in. People and dogs too. We had a straight ruppa in the sacrament meeting..... so fresh. Was a classic Sunday.
The Tourney:
We had a soccer tourney this past week. We stunk cause we had old people and me and my comp. So it was alright. We lost the first two games and that was it. Anyway I had 3 goals. I swear I'm trading the basket skill for the soccer skills.......... and I'm not okay with that, but when I need a goal I will get one.  Anyway had some burgers and some hot dogs after. It was a good time... had a bunch of fun and that's all that matters. 
So the accent is just about down. I can even do my Dominican accent.- it's a classic one. The grammar, well, it's like my English grammar.  Lots of slang and I sound like and idiot half the time, but, hey, it's getting better. 
Take it easy and enjoy drinking from the kitchen faucet.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hammering people with love

So we went up to these caves again. It's like straight swimming in water to get to these big huge small rooms. So it was fun but so cold this water, my word, it's straight wildness... and the guide that brought us was like a mexican flying monkey,. just jumping and climbing from rock to rock.  I swear he was working for the Wicked Witch of the West, but who knows. 

This guy is the man. We are just going around out here just hammering people with love as we try to teach them who is Jehovah and what we should do in this life. It's hard cause it's a small pueblo and everyone knows who we are and what we do. So I'm contacting people that just look at me and give me the "dude don't waste my time, I know you face". And I give them "Hey, I'm a ginger, I don't know what's going on". Classic times...
Man, I have had the best food here. There is this Rachel Ray type lady out here making some of the finest tacos and empenada quesadillas that are just sacred. And they are cheap. 5 pesos. So legit. 

So I kinda went off on one our investigators who just complicates the simple doctrine and just complicates everything.  So I just went ham and said "Look. It's simple. we do good, we receive good, we get good and vice versa. And that is what we need to know to be saved. Nothing more. Stop trying to confuse everything."  Like he's a dry Mormon: knows everything, just doesn't come to church.  But anyways after I was thinking that I don't think I made a mistake... asked my comp and he said you were speaking perfect Spanish with the accent and everything. I was so pumped; never felt more happy and accomplished in my life.   

Monday, June 30, 2014

It's coming along..

This week. Well not much but here it goes peeps:
So it's coming along.  I am forgetting more words in English than in Spanish. Which I guess is a good thing. It's funny when all the Americans get together and try to talk English.  It's so broken but the thing is we are all speaking it so we understand it.  One of the new guys told us we sound like idiots. We all looked at him and said give it 4 months and you will understand it. Plus I speak 3 languages now instead of 2 so I'm cool with it. 
So it's Seattle up here. Rain everyday and then that random sweet sunny day. But it's way cool when it's sunny cause the sunset is ridiculously nice and the sunrise too. Absolutely love it, but when it rains it's that cold rain.  In the city it's a warm rain and it's all cool and no pasa nada. 
This guy kills me. So here there are a bunch of excuses and when we hear one he just does this imitating voice that is downright priceless:  I straight die.  We both have parasites again so we are gonna see what the doc says. Hermana C. is getting on our backs with this one. She doesn't mess around with those parasites. 

Anyway not much happening up here.  Keep it low real low and smooth as usual. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Flash into the Future

He we go my folks and peeps:

So I directed this past week's Sacrament meeting. Was a little strange. I mean I'm only directing for 20 people so it's more like giving a class or a presentation in school. Anyway I saw a flash into the future. Hopefully it's not as a Bishop, but with my luck I'll be following the footsteps of pops; so we shall see.  But that's in like 20 years or something....or I could be like Thomas S. Monson....Bishop at like 23 years. whoooooo that's scary. 
So good stuff this week. Absolutely delicious food. It's sweet casue we eat in a restaurant and we get to pick whatever we want to eat. So it's always good.  Love it my peeps.  This lady makes some nachos that are downright to murder for. But I'm a representative of Jesus Christ so I just ask if she can make 'em so I don't have to kill anyone.
The Caves:
So last Monday we went to these caves. They have stalagmites in them but to get to the big huge caves you got to crawl through freezing cold water. and when I say freezing I'm saying that Frosty the Snowman ain't going near this water cause he would freeze to death.  But it was worth it. Me and Elder C. de Utah went climbing up to the heavens, it felt like.  When we couldn't go any higher we turned off out lights and sat in complete you couldn't see your hand while licking it. Crazy cool. One of the coolest experiences of my life.
Keep it cool my peeps..DEUCES.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Little bit of advice from the Mexican Redhead

Well it's gonna be a quick one. I didn't have a lot of time last week cause of changes and well I have just a little more this time.

So I was talking with the old comp C. about changes. Guessing where we were going to go and who we would be with. I told him I'm going to Tetela with Elder Fi...... And during transfers I was sitting next to Fi. and his comp. And they called out Tetela:  Elder Fi. and Elder Farner. I don't think I have ever smiled so big in my life. Classic times.

Talk about one of the most beautiful places in the world. Well I'm here. It's like 4 hours from the city. Surrounded by mountains and it's a rama. There are an average of 20 people each Sunday.
I'm the 2nd counselor. I gave a talk, the opening prayer and passed the sacrament.  Talk about a change of scene. And our house is downright suave... huge and got a balcony.. love that accion. Anyway it's all climbing hills here. To get to the members house and to our investigators.  I'm gonna get real skinny up here.  We eat at a restaurant every day besides Sunday so I could see me staying the same cause that food is downright awesome.

He is Elder Fi. Real chill dude and knows what he is doing, He's from Mexico and has like 15 months in the mission. So we are rocking it tough, he's the 1st counselor, so it's a little interesting,. He is a little slow but hey, I have more patience and getting mad doesn't make anything better, just makes things worse.  Little bit of advice from the Mexican redhead.

Take it easy... if you got any questions go for it. DEUCES

Monday, June 9, 2014

Leaving tomorrow

We are both leaving tomorrow, so we have changes.  So hopefully they like me in my next area.. haha. It's been a mess trying to get this house clean and pack all my stuff....straight zoo....and the space bags well one has a hole. so that blows. it will be fun.  Hopefully my comp is cool. Well got no time and I wish I had some, I will have more and better news next week.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey, I'm a missionary

Well here it goes my peeps:

My hair:
Well the fascination has gone to the next level. There is a family with 2 daughters and every time we see them they are always comparing their hair with mine telling me that they are close to matching it. I just tell them that it is nowhere near and they will never get it. They aren't too happy with my answers, but hey, I'm a missionary and as a representative of Christ, well, I can't lie.
Then I was walking down the street and 3 kids stopped and asked if that was my natural hair color. I said yes and they asked how. I said "ask my mom".  They looked confused.... funny stuff. 

Holy smokes, it's coming down out here. Feel like I'm in the Amazon just without the cool animals and plants. We got caught in a rain storm last Monday. So we ran to a member's house that was like 600 ft away and when we got into the house you would've thought that we had just gone swimming....was fun and really cold haha. 
So we have been putting some work in with the service these past weeks. We destroyed an old oven for a Hermana to sell. Then painted a nail salon. My goodness it smells so fruity in there.  Thanks goodness the paint takes away that smell. And then we helped a member move houses....was good times. Started raining tough so they took us home. And to top it all off we have been washing some dishes like we work in Red Robin. There were like 100 plus. Wildness.

Well hope it's what you were waiting for. If not well, I'm sorry.  I'll do better next time. DEUCES

Monday, May 26, 2014

The heart of our religion

Well here is the week: 

So we were chilling at church Sunday and talking to a family outside when Mario our buddy comes out and starts waving his hands and making the choking sound. He falls to his knees. I thought he was kidding at first but then he looked at me and his face is like turning purple. So me and my comp run over there. I give him the ole heimlich maneuver a couple times and out pops a candy. Was pretty wild. I'm grateful for the training of a lifeguard and when I learned it first as a Eagle Scout. So kids get your Eagle. 

The Divison:
So typically in every ward you have a division of the area for 2 sets of missionaries to work together. Anyway we didn't have one in this ward. But the presidente had us make one with the bishop. So we made it and like 3/4ths of our area is commercial and strip malls. So it's a little interesting cause we have 2 investigators right now. Gonna be fun. Basically starting an area over again.

Book of Mormon;
So there is a big push in the mission to use the Book of Mormon. Cause we always use the Bible to give people the heisman. Which is not working too well. So we figure let's get to the heart of our religion, the key to it all. And if ther like it and our reading it, well, then they want to know the rest. So we are getting directly to the point instead of beating around the bush. 

Well it's short like most of the Mexicans here, but it's real nice like most of the Mexicans here DEUCES


Monday, May 19, 2014


Well here is the rundown.
So had interviews with the President. And when were done we go and do our spanish interview with the wife of the presidente. She asks how we were feeling and how the Spanish is coming along. She always knows when I'm sick. So she asked me how I was doing, I said good and you. Then we both started to shake. She said "I'm sick right now. I'm like, "me too". Then we looked outside and saw buildings shaking. And we looked around and some other elders were like "ya it's a earthquake."  It was wild. Loved it. Nobody even thought about going to the exit, let along getting out of their seat. Was classic.
So it was a interesting P-Day. I was running to chase down a ball close to the goal. And the goalie came out, and in soccer the goalie is like the kicker in football. If you touch them, people will freak and the flags start getting thrown. So I slowed up but still was low cause this clown was running full speed at me. Well, we both hit each other and let's just say he got smacked like when Reggie Bush got smacked by Sheldon Brown.  The goalie wasn't too happy.  I came back with the ball like 3 minutes later and scored a goal on him. Was classic.
Holy smokes it's hot. My word. I'm missing me some Seattle rain life. Real ridiculous. But when it rains here, my word, its like a waterfall. It's not even rainy season here. So it should be intersting to see the real rain life.

So my comp and I were trying to find a house and there were like 4 dogs that were real mean. They were barking a whole bunch and trying to intimidate us.  While I was fending off a small one that was getting inside my bubble of love (and you need to pay or have permission to come into this bubble), my comp went to knock on the door and right as he did the dog ran and did a drive-by bite and run. Wasn't too deep but here you never know if they have rabies. So we went to the doctor; it was a experience to say the least. He carrried a pole the rest of the day.
Well hope you enjoy it. Its short this time. Not much activity. DEUCES  

Monday, May 12, 2014

No love for the Red-headed stepchild

Here is the rundown:
So today was legit. Played kickball and soccer as a zone. My team won in kickball like 20  to 8. Then we played soccer...had four goals. Don't know what happened but I'm trading bucket skills for soccer skills and it's not on purpose. But everyone was super suprised but I think I was the most suprised of all. haha. Then we went to the mall and ate. I had some McDs....way good.... miss that food. kinda. Anyway it was a blast. Want to play some more soccer but got a nasty turf burn again, the worst. gonna sting real nice in my bucket shower.
Mamas Day:
Was way legit. Talked with the fam. Always a pleasure. Mom is looking good and didn't cry....which was suprising. If she did I didn't hear it. Pops is the man. Using those glasses still. Looks more and more like Bob Burnquist. Addison has the hair touching the floor and had the smile the whole time. Good stuff. And for the Hollan. Sounds like D Hansen mixed with Christian Bale as Batman.....and is robbing the clothes (expected it....and it's a good sign... means I had cool clothes), 
Teaching: So we teach like 20-25 lessons average here..30 is like wild and 40 is unheard of. We are getting better but there are not a lot of people to teach. No love for the Red-headed stepchild.   But Friday we didn't start teaching till 4 cause we had to help the Hermanas move out of their house. But we ended up with 6 lessons...was sweet...shows if we serve we will receive blessings.
Well it was short and hopefully sweet- Take it easy and DEUCES

Monday, May 5, 2014

Waterfall in the church

Here it is peeps
The Flood:
So we went to do some service for one of our investigadores Thursday at like 9 in the morning. He wasn't there so we were looking for someone to serve and couldn't find anyone. So I told the comp let's hit the church to do some service. It was more of I needed to go to the bathroom, and as I'm unlocking the door I hear a waterfall in the church. Well it turns out it was a water fall. Someone had stolen a copper pipe from the water system. The whole church was filled with 3 inches of water, like everywhere, so we spent 4 hrs helping push the water out with court sweepers. Good times. 
So had ourselves a baptism. We were gonna have 2 but one didn't pass his interview. Anyway he is the man, been investigating the church for like 3 years. He quit drinking, partying and smoking... which always good.  Awesome to see the changes he made. He bore his testimony at his baptism which was awesome, he bawled out for sure...made the whole crowd tear up. The guy that did the baptism had a tough time with the prayer so it took a little longer than we wanted... but all good.  Love me some baps.
So today we played soccer, basketball and volleyball at the church. Was a blast, but man the sun down here will kill ya.  Anyway I'm real rusty with basketball; slower, fatter and slower so it's rough.  But all good.  I'm like better at soccer.  Kinda sad but it's alright. I'll get it back.  Then we had a nice meal with the old bishop, he's got a sweet house and knows how to cook his food... like real good. So it was a blast.
Well not much for this week hope all is well. DEUCES y get BUCKETS.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dreaming in Spanish

Well here it is my peeps
So we have been working with 2 investigators and they have been progressing real well, but they have seemed to diminish real quick.  They haven't attended church in like 2 weeks, but this Sunday they both came.  One of them came up to us during sacrament meeting and said I want you to baptize me this Saturday. So we have him all set to hit the water.
We then have our other man, he has a wild ulcer on his foot and has been putting off the baptism because of his foot. But our bishop spit some mad game at him and he said baptize me this Saturday so were gonna be dunking some kids. 
So nobody got changed de our district, still repping the sociedad de socorro. Good stuff. Like to get a new change but I like to have 3 to 4 months in one area. We can get more work done and when there is a change every 6 weeks.  It's hard to build relationships in this time but after 2 months, well, making moves is the words you could use. 

It's wild here. It's blistering hot in the day; just drains all the energy out of the body.  The the past 2 weeks there has been thunder storms in the night....wild way sweet thunder.  Not your afternoon recess action....talking real life, real close lightning and thunder. Real smooth. 
Well, it's coming along. I can almost say everything I want to say; just real hard sometimes to express myself.  But I'm thinking in spanish and dreaming in spanish and my comp says to me that I am speaking in my sleep.......................... in spanish. So that's a good sign, no?
Well it's a short and sweet one today. Keep it real and DEUCES

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Dry Mormon

So here is the scoop for this week:

Me vs Mexico:
So this week has been real interesting. Haven't had water in the casa for 4 days, so that means no showers. So I'm repping 3 days of sweat and dust; and not just any normal sweat and dust...this is mexican style.  More dust with sweatier sweat. Wildness at its finest.
We were walking down the street, walked by this house that was blasting the most mexican dancing music. The door was wide open, so as we passed by we looked and there were two women dancing the most mexican dance. like Dancing with the Stars would like to have them on the tv. They saw us and ran to the door and were yelling "guerro y morinito"...which is like white boy and dark man and yelling "ven ven" which means come come.  So we just took off in a little jog,  I was dying laughing way funny.  Gotta love the streets of Mexico.
So we had a baptism this Sunday, pretty sweet.  It's the dad of the Bishop.  He's been investigating the church for 23 years. Now that's wildness. This guy knows a lot... he knows more than me. They call him the dry Mormon because he is just missing the water. Good stuff, nice little 30 min ceremony... short and sweet.
P Day:
Today was sweet. We got permission to go see "Son of God".  It was very different than the Bible stories I've heard and read but it was pretty good. ANd plus I can say I went to the movie theater during the mission. So overall, good stuff, and we also went to the good old Subway.... just as good as in the states but Quiznos and Jimmy Johns is better, but the Little Caesars here is better. 
Well that's all for this week, We find out if we have cambios this week. We shall see if I'm staying or going. Cuidados y DEUCES.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Salvation is not an easy task

Well here it goes my peeps
Me vs Mexico:
Well guess what?  I was sick again. Who knows what I ate but we were in our correlacion meeting and I felt sick so I went to the bathroom and well, puked like 6 times in the john... was Nasty and then when we got home, I threw up again... slept in till like 12 the next day. But it only last like 24 hours, nothing like the past times.
And as always people;  they're fascinated with seeing a ginger american here in Mexico. 3 kids in the car drove by pointing with their chins hitting the ground....was pretty funny. And we have a investigator that we always run into in the street. He told us that tithing is apostasy so we took out the Bible and showed him the goods between the covers and well, he shut up real quick,. He also grabs my butt a lot, he is like a football coach,. Its strange to say the least but at least he likes me, haha.
So we are actually helping people here. We have painted part of a house. I helped a member wash her clothes by hand, she and her family were freaking out that I was doing it.  Pretty funny cause men don't wash clothes down here.  We helped a family with digging a well, it's about 8 ft deep.  We shoveled dirt out of this hole for 2.3 hours, it was a blast.  Reminded me of my yard work days that's for sure. 
Well, it's rough, there isn't a lot of people that want to hear us. They all have it figured out. Lots of pride and the truth is I kinda understand.  Who wants to listen a fat redhead and a skinny dominican. Well everyone should,  but I'm understanding that Salvation is not a easy task and it takes time and a lot of sweat.  Like I think I've sweat more here in 6 months then all my years of sports... like my goodness, it's ridiculous. But I'm loving it. The comp is the man. His english is still the same and funnier than ever. 

Well that's about it for today my friends. Take it easy and DEUCES.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Red Lion

What's up my peeps. here it is again:
So I got a bunch of nicknames. We will forego the butchers of my last name and move on to the more interesting one. The one used most often is "Canelo". I thought it was for canela like cinnamon but it's for Canelo Alverez the boxer.  I told one contact in the street that he was my older brother... haha..good times. 
The second is a little more interesting. We had a new convert that was asking me about what apostle had red hair, I had no idea any one of them had red hair, but supposedly Luke the apostle had red hair and was called Red Lion. So the convert and his whole family call me Red Lion. Their little 5 year old daughter always runs and says "Aloha Red Lion" then runs away.  It's pretty funny,. 

This guy is the dude. So classic. We always have a blast. He is learning ingles and knows basically nothing. My last comp was an American compared to him. But he is progressing good.  He always says a question in a command form like "you are very sleepy" instead of "are you very sleepy?".  My favorite is "you rery to go" funny. We have a nerf hoop in the house and well we play p.i.g. a lot.  Good times that's for sure. I love it. We are about to move houses too, cause our house is a dump as you could say putting in nicely. 
Me vs. Mexico:
Well it's past 6 months and well it has cruised by that's for sure. My Spanish, well I can have a conversation with pretty much anyone and when I don't understand I'l throw a laugh in there or a smile and always a "SI".  That's my go to word and its worked like 90% of the time.  Still got some practice to go but it's coming along. 
Short this time around but don't have much to say. Keep it real and It's all about the Buckets and DEUCES.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sick once again..

Well here it goes
Me vs Mexico:
Well I was sick again. It started at like 12 Wednesday. it was a little bit of exhaustion and a little stomach pain, then around 6 it was sweating, hard to breathe, cold shivers.  At 8 in was all that and the famous diarrhea. Awful. Anyway went to the hospital after 2 days in the house not moving and feeling like throwing up and hitting the john every 5 min.  They gave me some pills and well now I'm doing perfectly fine.
Africam Safari:
So today was pretty sweet. We went to the africam safari. its like jurassic park but with less fences and more real animals.  We drove through in a tour bus and saw zebras, lions, tiger bears and water buffalo, warthogs, wildebeasts and the most legit part was that we got a picture with a baby our lap holding it. The most legit thing ever. I was loving it. Gonna buy me a lion.
Don't have too many investigators here but we have 3 baptism dates. One of them lives in a house smaller than the janitor's closet in the church, its super humbling to go there; he is the man. The other is the pops of the Obispo; he's been investigating for 23 years and the 20th of April he wants to hit the waters; pretty sweet.  The other is a classy dude:  plays ball and is one of the few people who understands things perfectly. But we need more people to teach, our lider misional is the man.  He's got a whip and he's gonna use it on the members to help us out.  It's a lot easier to teach people who are referanicas. like 100000000000000000000000000000000000x easier.

Well it was a short week because I don't remember most of  it too well cuz of the animals in my stomach, but take it easy and DEUCES.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Here goes the week my friends:
So I got called to serve in the Zavaleta 2 area. It's about 10000000x hotter than Serdan. My goodness, I'm straight dying out here. But it will be good for the tan. It's the second richest area in the mission. I've seen countless BMWs, Benzs, Porsches and I've seen a Ferrari; so that will give you a quick overview of the freshness of the area. 
Elder C. Another Dominican. He's a little shorter than me, but he is the man.  He gets ready faster than me.  It's legit, we are making moves that's for sure.  He's fresh for sure, likes the same music and plays basketball.  I've heard he's actually pretty good, so we will see what happens.  He's also the District leader.
So I have two big rollers and a duffel to carry and we are talking LBS; like Warren Sapp LBS. So I'm carrying this stuff around the middle of Puebla. I got a little jacked and not to mention I had a guitar strapped around me.  H. gave it to me.  So I'm gonna learn how to stroke the guitar. We will see how that goes. 
The ward calls me and my comp the relief society presidency. We have 6 hermanas and a senior couple. And it's the first time my comp has been a DL. He's stressing tough because he doesn't like to talk on the phone and hates talking for a long time and well hermanas here are notorious for talking from now until their missions are over, that's why they serve 18 instead of 24. So we can get some real work done.  Hahaa, just messing, kinda. 
Wow. Nasty. Infested. Bathroom.  No toilet seat. No hot water. I'm in the city, my boiler should work like, my goodness. but it's kinda nice to take a cold shower in the morning.  But still, give me a break Mexico, like a huge break of that KitKat bar. Whatever, no importa.
Well there it is my peeps. we shall talk next time. DEUCES

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Dynasty is Over

Well here's the week my peeps-
Well I have finally got changed:  me and Elder J. are both leaving Serdan.  But he's going to TLachichuca which is 2 minutes away from us.  So he's not going too far but I'm heading to who knows where.  Anyway, kinda sad saying goodbye to the peeps here; love the bishop and his fam; I'm gonna miss them dearly.  Ya and my bags are like 100000 lbs, my goodness it's ridiculous.  But that's the cost of being a traveler. 
So I gave my first legit talk in church, kinda was scared but I was less scared then the time in EL Seco. So we were at Stake Conference and the signal was cruddy so we couldn't watch it. (They were broadcasting in Puebla)  Anyway they asked the missionaries to give a 5 min talk. So I did... no preparation and bad Spanish.  Anyway this time around was good, got lots of compliments from the people so that means they are really nice or they actually liked it. I spoke about charity. 
Well who knows how many good experiences I've had here; there are a lot but I think the favorite was just eating food with the members. Also sharing scrips and spreading the Gospel and helping the people of Serdan just become better personas and become more like Christ.  It's always hard to make changes, especially the religion, but there were so many miraculous changes I've seen in people here. 
Well the dynasty is over. Not gonna lie, kinda sad, but it's the will of God and I'll be moving right along with it.  We had a lot more good times than bad. 4 months is a long time with a Spanish speaking Dominican; but he's the man and I'm gonna miss him.  I'm gonna miss the, well, I'm just gonna miss him.

Sorry for the shortness but not much happening this week. Next week there shall be more. DEUCES

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still Kind of a Strange Sight..

The Prayer:
So, I've been learning something about the prayer. Well, 2 things.  The first;  a honest sincere prayer to God will always help you and make you feel loved. It's amazing. No vain repetitions just pour out your thoughts and feelings to God and He will answer you in the time best for you.  And second; if you don't want to say the prayer well, do this. When the head of the house or someone says "let's say a prayer", bow your head and close your eyes. They won't pick on you to say it...they just won't.  It's a test I proved this past week.  Haven't said the prayer once. Good stuff - more blessings for the other people.

Zone Activity:
We hit the pyramids today. Gonna say a little disappointed. I was expecting PYRAMIDS, but I got a little Mexican slice of well, Mexican pyramids; small and kinda cool.  Just real tiny and a lot of walking to get to them. They have a lot of signs on the cool ones that say don't walk there or here.  It's like a maze around the cool stuff... had fun though. Went with Hermano T. H is the homie, loves the missionaries and my red hair, so he's legit. Found some sweet black rocks that's for sure real shiny and smooth - called Onyx. 

Me vs Mexico:
Well I've got amoebas and gastritis; who knows what from, but it's not that fun - that's for sure. I was on the toilet for a total of 1 hour between 7-9 in the morning. Like 14 times going to the bathrooom. Wildness. Went to the doc and he checked me out and said don't eat spicy. I was heartbroken and well, felt like crap. So I kicked it in the house 3 times. not always the best but it was necessary. 

My Body:
Well people (the members) know I'm fat - they give me a hard time.  Whenever there is a speed bump in the road they tell me to stand up so the bottom of the car doesn't scrape. It's always a laugh. Good thing we don't ride in cars too much or else I would eat my sorrows away and get more fat - haha - just messing.
One day I was standing in a doorway preaching the good word (spitting fire) and these two kids walk by.  They were like 10 and 13.  They stare at me and go around the corner.  One of them comes back and stares, then leaves and then they both come back and stare.  I stop and say what's up my friends (que paso mi amigos) they smile and run. So I'm still kind of a strange sight, that's for sure.

Anyway... the week in a nice spicy wrapped chicken tortilla. DEUCES.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Good stuff for sure

What's the haps my peeps. here it goes

Oh we have the Dynasty of member food this week.  I'm talking the love the sweetness and all that's gonna make me fat and I'm not real worried about it. Anyway had some downright just grace of food on Sunday: some meat balls with eggs inside, rice with this peanut butter type sauce. oh momma it was delicioso.

So my comp is the District Leader and every week we switch comps for a day to learn and evaluate. I went with Elder D. This dude is the homie for sure, so classic. We were just 2 white Americans cruising, preaching and making moves.-  We stayed up to12ish just talking. Rough morning the next day, but when there is an American, well, you take advantage of the situation and communicate. 

The Baptism:
So El Seco, one of the areas in our district, was baptizing a family. pretty legit. 5 people. So we took 2 of our investigators. All of our good investigators are women so its alway interesting, let's just put it that way. Anyway after the 8 year old got baptized he came running out back into the room to see his parents get baptized.  Well he forgot to button up his shirt - haha so funny.  Just came running shirt flowing behind him and there was no shame haha.  Good stuff for sure.

District Activity:
So today we got to go up to the Waterfall.  It was pretty legit, had a walkway to walk underneath it.  I was flowing with the camera and snapping pics. Then me, Elder W. and Elder D. went down to the river climbed up and across the river to be underneath it.  Legit for sure... we got a little wet and had to make a bridge of rocks to help us go across the river. Fun for sure.  Then we ate some chicken burritos and rode in the back of a truck for 2 hours to and back to our area; so classic for sure. Good times but I'm not a fan of riding in the back of the truck for more than 30 mins. My legs and butt aren't meant for that..especially con 8 other elders.

Well it was short and I hope it was sweet. DEUCES.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pelo Rojo

Well here it is. A light week and not too much going on that's worth sharing.

The District:
Well we have the coolest district. We went to Puebla which is 2.30 hours away from us, so it's a stretch. When we go there we all go together. We sit in the back of the bus and just clown around. ..always a blast. Because we are so far we get to buy food in Puebla and reemblos it, so it's free food. We had KFC and Dominos... oh it was real good. Reminded me of home.  The cashier lady was asking our names and was getting confused with all of us being called Elder. So I said "pelo rojo" and she got a kick out of that one. Good stuff.

People: Well there's always a interesting thing going on with the people here.  We were walking home yesterday and I saw this guy struggling in his wheelchair.  We asked if we could help him and he accepted which is rare. I was like what do I do now, not use to them accepting.  Well, long story short, pushed this dude 2 miles to his house. So that was an experience and the wheelchair was ghetto, I mean GHETTO, but it was fun. He was a chill dude. 

My house:
Well I have a name for the shower now. Katy Perry. cause its a little confused if it likes hot or cold. and its moldy humid and well just kinda dreary. Almost depressing. good thing i have my basketball. 

Finding and teaching a lot more. Fouind this less active family with 2 kids that aren't memberes. One of them is 7 her name is Zareth. She well loves me cause I speak English.  I'm teaching her English... pretty funny... she made me a cup with a funny face. it's a styrofoam cup with a sharpie face. pretty legit.

love ya and miss ya a bunch. a whole bunch.

Elder Farner

Monday, February 17, 2014

We're working like some ruppas..


Well its always fun to see and watch new people play basketball. We all think we are better than we really are... some people call it pride, I call it confidence...and when we don't do very well it's called being humbled. Let's just say I do a lot of humbling. Had Elder A and Elder D. the ZL come down and play with us. Elder A. is like a football player, so I threw a little football his way. He didn't like that too much and stopped running into me, so that worked for me.  Elder D. is just big, white and goofy. Before we started he said to me he was called glue back home. I'm not sure what glue he has been using but he should just stick with his name his mother gave him. Then there is Jimmer, wow, he just likes to be that guy. Go watch Dude Perfect Basketball edition on youtube. He is all of those dudes in one body. He also likes to shove and climb on the back during the rebounds. I gave him a Big Mike and well that was the end of that. 

Me vs Mexico:
So I'm all about the sun and love being in it. But in church clothes I ain't  much about it. The sweat is well it's sweat and I'm not a fan. And I'm just sitting in some houses that are so hot and it's pretty wild - I am hot and miserable, but after we start teaching it's all good...don't even notice it.  On the other hand it's just so cold in some of these "Freezers" houses, but when the teaching starts I notice nothing. 
Anyway.....Mexico, well it's wild.  Like every other day I realize I'm in Mexico...still hasn't set in. 

So we have a investigator P. She is the one who has had dreams about us. She gave me and an my companion some ties, chocolates and notes. My note "excellent day excellent life" he got a page letter, so she likes him a little more.
Then there is A. She is awesome and she is a little flirty. It's fun being a white ginger here in Mexico, that's for sure.
Then there is J. Well this guy just needs to make some moves and hit the font. His wife is a member. (He has like no movement in the left side of his face). I asked if he wanted to live with his wife for eternity:  he looked at her and said well who knows. She said no cause she didn't want to look at his face for eternity. Hahaha, they are classic... they said yes after the jokes.

Well it has been more than 3 months living with Jimmer. It has had its ups and downs. More ups. He's just a clown sometimes; always makes me laugh but the questionable things he does...I used to get mad, but now I just laugh and say to myself 'my wife won't be like him, my wife won't be like him'.  Haha,  he's a good dude.
Just here loving it and getting lost in the life of a missionary. It's all good.  We're working like some ruppas and getting buckets. I get bball buckets more he gets dem spanish buckets.

Well there it is my friends. if you have questions, hit me with them. DEUCES

Monday, February 10, 2014

But it's all good

What's up my peeps. here it goes. 

Well I'm huge, like 210 lbs right now.  It's bad but whatever... had some bomb carnitas with just some of the best pico de gallo y salsa,  my goodness it was good. This month every Friday we eat at the Bishop's house. His wife knows how to cook, so delicious... my goodness...whew just heavenly.
Me vs Mex:
Well the sun is here. I'm loving it but my skin isn't. Gotta little burn on the neck, so it feels nice with my collared shirt everyday... not.  Then there is the sweat, my goodness, I sweat like a champ:  like it's my job and I get paid 1,000 bucks a hour. Anyway it's all  good here - every day has its different experiences;  good stuff and always a blast. 
Well he's a district leader now. got more work to do which makes us late to everything now. So I had a little chat with him. He tried to give me some excuses and I said were on the Lord's time, you gonna give the Lord these excuses and he didn't say anything but he said he would try harder. That's all I am asking for and today he was on time, so it's looking good. He's still the classic jammer; can't hit the tortilla with the salsa on the basketball court.  My goodness... but it's all good.
New District:
Well we got Hermanas; one from Managua, Nicaragua, the other from Guatemala.  They are Serdan 2 and we are Serdan 1.  Lots of work to do here.
Inv/Less Actives:
We have more time to work with less actives cause the Hermanas took all the investigators- We are working with a less active that is a past missionary and knows pretty much everthing about the gospel. His wife left him with the kids and that's the thing that did him in. Pretty sad but he's turning it around and told me he knows this is the only way to live with God again. Just needs to apply it every day, the hardest part. We got a fecha for the 20 of this month, so it's happening.
Anyway my peeps. till next time. and if you didn't get buckets this past week, well get some this week, cause it's all about buckets

Monday, February 3, 2014

Still in Serdan

What is up my peeps?   Another week down and another one coming up... here's the low down.

I'm here in Serdan for another change. And still with the Jimmer. SO we're gonna ball out. He's still late, we're still teaching and well let's just say the harder I work the faster time will go and the more success we will have.
SO M. came to her her baptism and yes she got baptized. It was pretty legit. Good times. Didn't have any warm water and Jimmer baptized her so they were both a little chilly. Good Stuff. So, I can come home right? I got one...... hahaha jk. We got alot more work to do; 6 more weeks here and we have 4 dates within our time. So we're gonna dunk some more people. 
We are talking Mexico weather now. It's just real hot during the day and warm in the night. Good stuff for sure. I'm loving it and can't wait for some sweet sunburns on my face and neck and arms. No wind now but earlier this week we saw some small dust storms and some small tornadoes - pretty wild.  Don't want to be in a big one.  So I'm never living in the midwest. 
Me vs Mexico:
Well  I'm in the same house for 6 more weeks and we are looking to change houses but we will see. So I dared the daring and went and ate comida in the street. As of right now I'm good and the food well it was amazing.  I eat ice cream everyday I can. It's pretty bomb and only 7 pesos... good stuff. But its coming back to bite me, our investigator A. called me fat. So that was nice.... made me feel, well, fat.  And she's right I'm like 205, not good. I gotta start eating less or running instead of walking.
4 month mark:
Orale!!  It's been 4 months. that's wildness. just cruising by.  I can speak broken Spanish now and get my point across and well I'm fat, I play basketball once a week and I'm with Jimmer for 6 more weeks. We shall see how it goes.
Not much this week.  Pretty chill yesterday and  H. was trying to fix the tv for a mormon video and the super bowl came on 43-8 HAWKS!! WHAT UP SEA TOWN. Pretty sweet.  Mad I missed Sherman going crazy and talking smack.  But that's what youtube is for.
Till next time peeps.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Ball it out

So here it is:  This week was a lot better than some of the past ones. Let's get it started.
Whew. This dude cracks me up. Love him. I got two new nicknames for him. One is Jimmer. Like Jimmer Fredette. We all know Jimmer cause we are either Mormon or ball out and get buckets or both. So Jimmer was awesome in college and is stinking it up in the pros like the Cougars do everytime against the UTES. My comp is the same. Warm ups(college) he balls out, then in the game he has a seizure every time he shoots. But he's a baseball player. Anyway he hasn't gotten any faster and is forgetting more things each day. Today he forgot all his white shirts to wash. But that is him. We goof around in the streets and make some pretty delicioso meals. Oh and also................when you live with someone for 2 months you're bound to see a full moon and it happened today.
Holy smokes it's incredibly cold here in the night. In the day it's like blazing hot; so weird. Kinda ridiculous. But I got 2 blankets and sometimes a heater. 491 pesos for our heating bill usually like 150 so that will explain how cold it is.  Use the heater like almost every night.
I saw 2 volcanos in 1 day that had smoke coming out of them. Pretty trippy.
Me vs Mexico:
So I am literally forgettig words in English. I just can't remember them. It's the weirdest thing. I speak Spanish when I'm mad too. So things are moving along real nice you could say. Also, when we contact people I always contact the drunks. 2 stories 1) I asked this dude, who was hammered what his name was, after 2 min he said "no recuerdo" or "I don't remember".  I just started laughing, said have a good one and we left. Priceless. 2)Yesterday there was this beautiful white husky with two kids our age, so we started talking to them and O. (one of their names) interrupts me and says that me and him and the perro are all equals.  Me loving dogs as much as anything said "Well of course mi amigo". He loved it; got a pic with them and the perro.  Always a pleasure to contact the Mexican people. 

WE FINALLY PLAYED BASKETBALL DURING THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! SO sick. Love ballin' in boots and church clothes and owning kids. We got 3 contacts out of it. It was kinda of a competition. but not really. One of those games where each team has 3 out of the 5 that should be at home playing World of Warcraft, but it's all about buckets. We play every p-day still. We are playing in the local park now for more contacts. We always win. Well, my team, cause like CP3 I hate losing more then I like winning. 

We have a baptism on Saturday. Our First... 2 days before cambios. And we have been working with her for 2 months. M is her name. We have 2 more who are really good;  P and A, they say that they can feel the spirit and feel happy and peace when we are with them and when they are in the church:  When we first contacted P, she had dreams the next night about us and our mesagge. Then after we taught her for the first time had dreams about us again. What can I say, I'm a ladies man for all races - haha - jk. Pretty wild what the spirit can do and how God prepares people for us to teach and Baptize. 1 week left in this cambio. We're gonna see if we can BALL OUT or as my comp says BALL IT OUT. Oh he's so classic.
Anyway thanks for reading and I got more coming for about 20 months more. who knows. DEUCES.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fat Cat

What's the haps people.  Another week down and its flying by, here's the update:

Comp: This guy. Thinks he knows everything which he is pretty close. but not really. So I have been letting him borrow my shoes for exercises. and they don't have a size on them cause they are so worn out; he thinks they are tens.  So every time every time we go into a shoe store (and it's a lot of time because I gotta see those shoes) he tells the owner "I'm looking for 10" and I say 11.   He says "you're a ten" and I took off my shoe and showed him the 11 and he has been silent about it ever since.  I never really end up actually buying anything, it's just for the contact of the person. 
Funny Experiences: So we were walking home yesterday night. and there were these people trying to get this cat off the top of this building. It was a fat black and white cat, like the father of Garfield fat. Anyway J ties these two metal ladders together with rope, and they are big ladders like 10 ft each. and metal that you would use to lift and get jacked, so it was heavy and he was trying to lean it up.  5 ft man plus 20 ft 200lb ladder - not a good mix so I helped him out a lot ha.  Then he  climbed up and got the cat, but it was freaking me out so one of the ladies got a bag like you would use at safeway, the special save the earth nonsense ones, well it was too small.  I climbed up the ladder with it J. stuffed this cat in head first treating it like it was a toy and gave it to me as I climbed down. Almost fell cause that thing was freaking out.  Good times for sure; no day is ever the same.

Investigators: No baptisms yet, but we got 11 new investigators this week. 5 fechas or dates next month; so we are making moves.  The work is getting better - we have a goal of 200 contacts. so we are starting to make moves. 

Me vs. Mex: I dared the daring Saturday and had street tacos again and my goodness they were worth it.  So bomb.  I haven't gotten sick yet.  That's all I have to say. 

Well folks short one this week - wasn't too interesting and lots of work with the members and getting people to hear the good true word.  Again if you have questions ask me please. 

Elder Farner