Monday, June 16, 2014

Little bit of advice from the Mexican Redhead

Well it's gonna be a quick one. I didn't have a lot of time last week cause of changes and well I have just a little more this time.

So I was talking with the old comp C. about changes. Guessing where we were going to go and who we would be with. I told him I'm going to Tetela with Elder Fi...... And during transfers I was sitting next to Fi. and his comp. And they called out Tetela:  Elder Fi. and Elder Farner. I don't think I have ever smiled so big in my life. Classic times.

Talk about one of the most beautiful places in the world. Well I'm here. It's like 4 hours from the city. Surrounded by mountains and it's a rama. There are an average of 20 people each Sunday.
I'm the 2nd counselor. I gave a talk, the opening prayer and passed the sacrament.  Talk about a change of scene. And our house is downright suave... huge and got a balcony.. love that accion. Anyway it's all climbing hills here. To get to the members house and to our investigators.  I'm gonna get real skinny up here.  We eat at a restaurant every day besides Sunday so I could see me staying the same cause that food is downright awesome.

He is Elder Fi. Real chill dude and knows what he is doing, He's from Mexico and has like 15 months in the mission. So we are rocking it tough, he's the 1st counselor, so it's a little interesting,. He is a little slow but hey, I have more patience and getting mad doesn't make anything better, just makes things worse.  Little bit of advice from the Mexican redhead.

Take it easy... if you got any questions go for it. DEUCES

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