Monday, August 25, 2014

Two miracles this day

This week was way cool so here it goes:

So we baptized the Hermana G. after 4 years of investigating we closed her out. This women is the strongest dry Mormon I've seen. She has a testimony that is close to the prophets. Wildness. The coolest part is that we went up to a cascade to do the ordinance. So when we got there after a hour and a half of traveling we were taking pics and the Ex presidente of the branch slipped and fell into some rocks. Now me and my comp both saw the slowest fall of all time.  It was like someone was slowly setting him down. Weirdest thing and when we went over to help him up, he almost split his head open on this boulder... talking centimeters. And when we helped him up he was on the softest dirt that I have ever been in. 2 miracles this day. Way cool.

So the second counselor of the mission came down to check out the house and since we live in the middle of nowhere they brought their 2 kids to check out the Tetela wonder and they stayed the night . SLEEPOVER. His wife made some crepes that are downright miracles. Who knows what she did. And then he and his son went with us to eat some tacos.  Well those tacos you just can't go wrong. Way sweet... love it that's for sure. Food in general and free food is even better.

Well that's all, short and sweet but other that that not much happened. Lots of walking, sleeping and preaching. DEUCES

Monday, August 18, 2014

I need to be ready to serve you

This week was cool. Here it goes:

So I had the opportunity to see some pretty funny kids this week. The first was this little 6 year old girl who was at the fair. I was thinking about throwing darts to pop 3 balloons to win a prize but didn't want to lose any money. Then this girl comes up and asks to throw the darts. The lady gives her 3 darts and she throws them one by one, pops three balloons and takes her minion shaped piggy bank and says thanks and walks off. All of this in under 30 seconds. Talk about confidence. I look at my comp, look at the people behind me and turn to the lady and say I think I'll throw too. I followed her example and got my own little piggy bank haha. 
The second is Iv.  He's 6 too. We showed up to his house and he was all dirty as he had been playing in the dirt. After our lesson with them he went and cleaned himself up. He came out with a white tshirt on, his slacks and even put some cologne and put some gel in his hair hahaha.  He kept telling us that he was there to serve us and that whatever we wanted he would get. So we were eating dinner with them and he kept saying that. We kept telling him to sit down and eat but he said no I need to be ready to serve you.  So I told him can you do me a favor;  he said ya anything you want. Then I said can you eat with us.  His face was like, oh crap, then he said ya and sat and ate with us.  Classic times.

So we just made a change to our presidency. It's the Elder Z. Good stuff, get some American style in this rama so we can get this place into a ward. Good change in my opinion. Love him and his wife. They are great people and so freaky funny. 
Well that's about it. Hope we enjoy it.  If you've got questions ask me, eh. DEUCES.

Monday, August 11, 2014

He's a straight baller

Here it goes folks:

So there is the ruppa that follows us everywhere. He followed us to 3 appointments and sat in on one of lesssons and came to church. I hope my ruppa is like this. He always chases the other dogs off that are barking at us. He's a straight baller. 

So the married couple that was with me in my old area just got assigned up here. It's pretty sweet, we are just kicking it in their sweet house cracking jokes and washing our clothes with a dryer and washer.  Oh it's beautiful, never thought I would be in love with a dryer in my life but it's the sweetness.

So my comp is a genius and teaches like a straight baller.  I'm trying to learn to teach real smooth, so it's pretty interesting; love learning how to do things easier.  I'm not a man to complicate things, the shorter, the better and the simpler things are the best. 

Well it wasn't too much.  We just helped move the Zimmermans up here and get them all prepped up . Hope it satisfies ya. DEUCES

Monday, August 4, 2014

You can blame the sickness

This week was, well, not too fun;
SO I was sick starting Monday night till right now. So that's a week straight. It was really cruddy but gave me a week to rest up and sleep and read a lot of the talks from past conferences. It's weird to see the words in the past conference help so much for now and in the future. We had to go to Puebla Friday. Soo that's 4 hrs in a bus to Puebla with stomach sickness and well, you see where I'm going. Not the most ideal place to be but it's all cool.

So we went to the Hospital los Angles which is absolutely huge, like massive, for my companion to get a checkup on his nose. He had surgery on it. Anyway we got there at 5:30 for the doc and the appointment was at 6. Well the doc didn't show up until 7:15. and during this short time we played Hangman with my whiteboard. Was classic times. the simplest things can pass the time. Wildness. 

So Monday we went and visited a less active member and they were testing a new karaoke machine. They were telling me to sing some Mexican songs and I told them I would sing if there was an English song. And with my luck there was ..... Mambo #5. And well I sang was terrible, downright terrible, but it was fun. 

Well that's about all. You can blame the sickness for the boring report. DEUCES