Monday, July 28, 2014


Well folks here it goes:
So my bro (and companion) Elder Fi. left to be a trainer. So I'm still here. Funny story I kinda knew who my comp was going to be (connections with the offices and they are real good at keeping secrets) anyway when they called my name and Elder V. I was stoked cause he is the homie and I was doing like a dancing walk thing and fell onto some chairs. Wasn't real embarassing but everyone was just dying laughing. He's from Guadalajara. Cool dude and he's the ex assistant so he's keeping me in line. Real smooth teacher and has 20 meses so he's got the experience on his side. 
So came into this area fat; I'll admit it, but now everywhere I go like to zone meetings or to the offices, everyone tells me that I have been losing weight and I look skinny. So thank you Tetela. 
So as missionaries we get rejected by people of all ages, but these people usually have knowledge on why they are rejecting us. They know what their beliefs are and what is happening around them. So here in Tetela countless times I have been rejected and no pasa nada but I have never had rocks thrown at me until now..... by 2 girls who were 6 years old.  Not only when we walked by on our way up but when we walked down. It was wild and the mom walked outside and was like laughing. So it was a interesting time and they almost hit my comp on the dome and me on the back. Good thing we got moves like Reggie Bush at USC; or like Mcjagger.

Anyway thats all folks take it smoooth and real. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

We let all in

Well, sorry, didn't have time last week and well I have a tiny bit more this week.  Here it goes:
The Branch:
Ya, so my branch rules. We ball out. Kinda. Anyway 2 reasons why. 1)We accept all sizes especially when it comes to the sacrament bread we only accept the big ones; like fat, round, delicious white bread. Real good. (if you don't understand ask a Mormon) and the second reason is we let all in. People and dogs too. We had a straight ruppa in the sacrament meeting..... so fresh. Was a classic Sunday.
The Tourney:
We had a soccer tourney this past week. We stunk cause we had old people and me and my comp. So it was alright. We lost the first two games and that was it. Anyway I had 3 goals. I swear I'm trading the basket skill for the soccer skills.......... and I'm not okay with that, but when I need a goal I will get one.  Anyway had some burgers and some hot dogs after. It was a good time... had a bunch of fun and that's all that matters. 
So the accent is just about down. I can even do my Dominican accent.- it's a classic one. The grammar, well, it's like my English grammar.  Lots of slang and I sound like and idiot half the time, but, hey, it's getting better. 
Take it easy and enjoy drinking from the kitchen faucet.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hammering people with love

So we went up to these caves again. It's like straight swimming in water to get to these big huge small rooms. So it was fun but so cold this water, my word, it's straight wildness... and the guide that brought us was like a mexican flying monkey,. just jumping and climbing from rock to rock.  I swear he was working for the Wicked Witch of the West, but who knows. 

This guy is the man. We are just going around out here just hammering people with love as we try to teach them who is Jehovah and what we should do in this life. It's hard cause it's a small pueblo and everyone knows who we are and what we do. So I'm contacting people that just look at me and give me the "dude don't waste my time, I know you face". And I give them "Hey, I'm a ginger, I don't know what's going on". Classic times...
Man, I have had the best food here. There is this Rachel Ray type lady out here making some of the finest tacos and empenada quesadillas that are just sacred. And they are cheap. 5 pesos. So legit. 

So I kinda went off on one our investigators who just complicates the simple doctrine and just complicates everything.  So I just went ham and said "Look. It's simple. we do good, we receive good, we get good and vice versa. And that is what we need to know to be saved. Nothing more. Stop trying to confuse everything."  Like he's a dry Mormon: knows everything, just doesn't come to church.  But anyways after I was thinking that I don't think I made a mistake... asked my comp and he said you were speaking perfect Spanish with the accent and everything. I was so pumped; never felt more happy and accomplished in my life.