Monday, July 21, 2014

We let all in

Well, sorry, didn't have time last week and well I have a tiny bit more this week.  Here it goes:
The Branch:
Ya, so my branch rules. We ball out. Kinda. Anyway 2 reasons why. 1)We accept all sizes especially when it comes to the sacrament bread we only accept the big ones; like fat, round, delicious white bread. Real good. (if you don't understand ask a Mormon) and the second reason is we let all in. People and dogs too. We had a straight ruppa in the sacrament meeting..... so fresh. Was a classic Sunday.
The Tourney:
We had a soccer tourney this past week. We stunk cause we had old people and me and my comp. So it was alright. We lost the first two games and that was it. Anyway I had 3 goals. I swear I'm trading the basket skill for the soccer skills.......... and I'm not okay with that, but when I need a goal I will get one.  Anyway had some burgers and some hot dogs after. It was a good time... had a bunch of fun and that's all that matters. 
So the accent is just about down. I can even do my Dominican accent.- it's a classic one. The grammar, well, it's like my English grammar.  Lots of slang and I sound like and idiot half the time, but, hey, it's getting better. 
Take it easy and enjoy drinking from the kitchen faucet.

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