Monday, September 29, 2014


Nairne has returned home from his mission to undergo surgery on both his knees.

Monday, September 15, 2014

My knees don't work

Well here it goes my peeps.

So my knees have been hurting me more than usual. So I went to check them out with the Doc in Puebla and well he said "sus rodillas no sirven".  That means my knees don't work.  So that's a little sad and disheartening. He said I will most likely have to get surgery.  So I went and got a scan. I had to lay still for 45 min. That's rough. I just passed out after 15 min. So always fun. We will see what happens later this week.

So this guy is killin' me with his English. So when we are in a lesson and the person we are teaching isn't paying attention or is not understanding we sing 'mas pacencia dame' in our heads... means more patience give me. He asked me how to say it in English.  I asked him what he thought it was. He said 'more patience kiss me' hahahaah. I said 'bro im not your girl' then explained it to him. He was super embarrassed. Good times, that's for sure. 

So we have this family that lives in this forest, and it's a forest that the dad made. He brought a bunch of trees and brush down to have it around his house. He is a forest man.... like 100% classic stuff.   Anyway, they have a little kid named J...he is a classic kid. He chose to have a pet goat instead of a pet dog, so it's a little interesting. But I forgave him haha. 

Take it easy and love it while it lasts. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

We took that as a NO

This will be quick cause this internet might fall again. 
Sunday school:
So it was the best one I have been in but I can't tell what the message was about.  It was the best because I was kicking it in the back with a ruppa; like the ruppa of ruppas.  We were just kicking it old school. Classic times for sure. 
Less Actives:
So we went to visit this less active, she was leaving her house and clearly saw us and decided to hop in her little blue bug and speed off:  so we took that as a no. Then we went out to the goma to visit this lady and she was walking in front of us.  We called out her name and when she saw us she yelled "I don't want you to come to my house."  So there's that:  love in the sun in Mexico eh. 
So usually in Mexico in whatever part you go you will see dogs.  Heck I walk to the house of prayer here which is like a 5 min walk and I see like 10 dogs.  So it's a normal thing and I love it; and you will see chickens just roaming around without the slightest clue:  they are just loooking to eat. Anyway, my point is these are the normal things we see.  So the other day when I saw a pig cruising around in this little pueblo I was dying. Just real random and real chill this pig.

Anyway, sorry it was short. Keep it real. DEUCES

Monday, September 1, 2014

Some moves to make

Here it goes my friends: 
Crocodile Hunter:
We went up to help out a member clean up her backyard. So she gave us machetes and said go hack away. Was some of the coolest service I've done. Felt like I was discovering el dorador. Anyway we were resting and the hermana asked if I wanted to catch some vipers. I said ya I'm cool let's do this thing. So I went down and caught one.And as I'm picking it up, she screams, like bloody murder screams, and I freak out and throw this snake. I asked her why she did that. She then proceeds to tell me that they are poisonous snakes. So what do I do?  I go catch 4 more and 3 lizards. As I was walking home I swear I felt Jeff Corwin's jealousy.

So there are no changes. We are kicking it here for another 6 weeks, which will be real nice; we got some moves to make. 
So maybe I should have played soccer as a child but then again no. But I had like 10 goals today. I stole the ball from my comp and he stuck his foot to try to get it back and he fell. Then he stops the game thinking I fouled him, I then run by him brush my shoulder with his and fall screaming and grabbing my knee. Good stuff. Mexicans love to push but when they fall it can't be their fault haha. Good stuff..
Take it easy and don't play with snakes.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Two miracles this day

This week was way cool so here it goes:

So we baptized the Hermana G. after 4 years of investigating we closed her out. This women is the strongest dry Mormon I've seen. She has a testimony that is close to the prophets. Wildness. The coolest part is that we went up to a cascade to do the ordinance. So when we got there after a hour and a half of traveling we were taking pics and the Ex presidente of the branch slipped and fell into some rocks. Now me and my comp both saw the slowest fall of all time.  It was like someone was slowly setting him down. Weirdest thing and when we went over to help him up, he almost split his head open on this boulder... talking centimeters. And when we helped him up he was on the softest dirt that I have ever been in. 2 miracles this day. Way cool.

So the second counselor of the mission came down to check out the house and since we live in the middle of nowhere they brought their 2 kids to check out the Tetela wonder and they stayed the night . SLEEPOVER. His wife made some crepes that are downright miracles. Who knows what she did. And then he and his son went with us to eat some tacos.  Well those tacos you just can't go wrong. Way sweet... love it that's for sure. Food in general and free food is even better.

Well that's all, short and sweet but other that that not much happened. Lots of walking, sleeping and preaching. DEUCES

Monday, August 18, 2014

I need to be ready to serve you

This week was cool. Here it goes:

So I had the opportunity to see some pretty funny kids this week. The first was this little 6 year old girl who was at the fair. I was thinking about throwing darts to pop 3 balloons to win a prize but didn't want to lose any money. Then this girl comes up and asks to throw the darts. The lady gives her 3 darts and she throws them one by one, pops three balloons and takes her minion shaped piggy bank and says thanks and walks off. All of this in under 30 seconds. Talk about confidence. I look at my comp, look at the people behind me and turn to the lady and say I think I'll throw too. I followed her example and got my own little piggy bank haha. 
The second is Iv.  He's 6 too. We showed up to his house and he was all dirty as he had been playing in the dirt. After our lesson with them he went and cleaned himself up. He came out with a white tshirt on, his slacks and even put some cologne and put some gel in his hair hahaha.  He kept telling us that he was there to serve us and that whatever we wanted he would get. So we were eating dinner with them and he kept saying that. We kept telling him to sit down and eat but he said no I need to be ready to serve you.  So I told him can you do me a favor;  he said ya anything you want. Then I said can you eat with us.  His face was like, oh crap, then he said ya and sat and ate with us.  Classic times.

So we just made a change to our presidency. It's the Elder Z. Good stuff, get some American style in this rama so we can get this place into a ward. Good change in my opinion. Love him and his wife. They are great people and so freaky funny. 
Well that's about it. Hope we enjoy it.  If you've got questions ask me, eh. DEUCES.