Monday, September 15, 2014

My knees don't work

Well here it goes my peeps.

So my knees have been hurting me more than usual. So I went to check them out with the Doc in Puebla and well he said "sus rodillas no sirven".  That means my knees don't work.  So that's a little sad and disheartening. He said I will most likely have to get surgery.  So I went and got a scan. I had to lay still for 45 min. That's rough. I just passed out after 15 min. So always fun. We will see what happens later this week.

So this guy is killin' me with his English. So when we are in a lesson and the person we are teaching isn't paying attention or is not understanding we sing 'mas pacencia dame' in our heads... means more patience give me. He asked me how to say it in English.  I asked him what he thought it was. He said 'more patience kiss me' hahahaah. I said 'bro im not your girl' then explained it to him. He was super embarrassed. Good times, that's for sure. 

So we have this family that lives in this forest, and it's a forest that the dad made. He brought a bunch of trees and brush down to have it around his house. He is a forest man.... like 100% classic stuff.   Anyway, they have a little kid named J...he is a classic kid. He chose to have a pet goat instead of a pet dog, so it's a little interesting. But I forgave him haha. 

Take it easy and love it while it lasts. 

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