Monday, February 24, 2014

Pelo Rojo

Well here it is. A light week and not too much going on that's worth sharing.

The District:
Well we have the coolest district. We went to Puebla which is 2.30 hours away from us, so it's a stretch. When we go there we all go together. We sit in the back of the bus and just clown around. ..always a blast. Because we are so far we get to buy food in Puebla and reemblos it, so it's free food. We had KFC and Dominos... oh it was real good. Reminded me of home.  The cashier lady was asking our names and was getting confused with all of us being called Elder. So I said "pelo rojo" and she got a kick out of that one. Good stuff.

People: Well there's always a interesting thing going on with the people here.  We were walking home yesterday and I saw this guy struggling in his wheelchair.  We asked if we could help him and he accepted which is rare. I was like what do I do now, not use to them accepting.  Well, long story short, pushed this dude 2 miles to his house. So that was an experience and the wheelchair was ghetto, I mean GHETTO, but it was fun. He was a chill dude. 

My house:
Well I have a name for the shower now. Katy Perry. cause its a little confused if it likes hot or cold. and its moldy humid and well just kinda dreary. Almost depressing. good thing i have my basketball. 

Finding and teaching a lot more. Fouind this less active family with 2 kids that aren't memberes. One of them is 7 her name is Zareth. She well loves me cause I speak English.  I'm teaching her English... pretty funny... she made me a cup with a funny face. it's a styrofoam cup with a sharpie face. pretty legit.

love ya and miss ya a bunch. a whole bunch.

Elder Farner

Monday, February 17, 2014

We're working like some ruppas..


Well its always fun to see and watch new people play basketball. We all think we are better than we really are... some people call it pride, I call it confidence...and when we don't do very well it's called being humbled. Let's just say I do a lot of humbling. Had Elder A and Elder D. the ZL come down and play with us. Elder A. is like a football player, so I threw a little football his way. He didn't like that too much and stopped running into me, so that worked for me.  Elder D. is just big, white and goofy. Before we started he said to me he was called glue back home. I'm not sure what glue he has been using but he should just stick with his name his mother gave him. Then there is Jimmer, wow, he just likes to be that guy. Go watch Dude Perfect Basketball edition on youtube. He is all of those dudes in one body. He also likes to shove and climb on the back during the rebounds. I gave him a Big Mike and well that was the end of that. 

Me vs Mexico:
So I'm all about the sun and love being in it. But in church clothes I ain't  much about it. The sweat is well it's sweat and I'm not a fan. And I'm just sitting in some houses that are so hot and it's pretty wild - I am hot and miserable, but after we start teaching it's all good...don't even notice it.  On the other hand it's just so cold in some of these "Freezers" houses, but when the teaching starts I notice nothing. 
Anyway.....Mexico, well it's wild.  Like every other day I realize I'm in Mexico...still hasn't set in. 

So we have a investigator P. She is the one who has had dreams about us. She gave me and an my companion some ties, chocolates and notes. My note "excellent day excellent life" he got a page letter, so she likes him a little more.
Then there is A. She is awesome and she is a little flirty. It's fun being a white ginger here in Mexico, that's for sure.
Then there is J. Well this guy just needs to make some moves and hit the font. His wife is a member. (He has like no movement in the left side of his face). I asked if he wanted to live with his wife for eternity:  he looked at her and said well who knows. She said no cause she didn't want to look at his face for eternity. Hahaha, they are classic... they said yes after the jokes.

Well it has been more than 3 months living with Jimmer. It has had its ups and downs. More ups. He's just a clown sometimes; always makes me laugh but the questionable things he does...I used to get mad, but now I just laugh and say to myself 'my wife won't be like him, my wife won't be like him'.  Haha,  he's a good dude.
Just here loving it and getting lost in the life of a missionary. It's all good.  We're working like some ruppas and getting buckets. I get bball buckets more he gets dem spanish buckets.

Well there it is my friends. if you have questions, hit me with them. DEUCES

Monday, February 10, 2014

But it's all good

What's up my peeps. here it goes. 

Well I'm huge, like 210 lbs right now.  It's bad but whatever... had some bomb carnitas with just some of the best pico de gallo y salsa,  my goodness it was good. This month every Friday we eat at the Bishop's house. His wife knows how to cook, so delicious... my goodness...whew just heavenly.
Me vs Mex:
Well the sun is here. I'm loving it but my skin isn't. Gotta little burn on the neck, so it feels nice with my collared shirt everyday... not.  Then there is the sweat, my goodness, I sweat like a champ:  like it's my job and I get paid 1,000 bucks a hour. Anyway it's all  good here - every day has its different experiences;  good stuff and always a blast. 
Well he's a district leader now. got more work to do which makes us late to everything now. So I had a little chat with him. He tried to give me some excuses and I said were on the Lord's time, you gonna give the Lord these excuses and he didn't say anything but he said he would try harder. That's all I am asking for and today he was on time, so it's looking good. He's still the classic jammer; can't hit the tortilla with the salsa on the basketball court.  My goodness... but it's all good.
New District:
Well we got Hermanas; one from Managua, Nicaragua, the other from Guatemala.  They are Serdan 2 and we are Serdan 1.  Lots of work to do here.
Inv/Less Actives:
We have more time to work with less actives cause the Hermanas took all the investigators- We are working with a less active that is a past missionary and knows pretty much everthing about the gospel. His wife left him with the kids and that's the thing that did him in. Pretty sad but he's turning it around and told me he knows this is the only way to live with God again. Just needs to apply it every day, the hardest part. We got a fecha for the 20 of this month, so it's happening.
Anyway my peeps. till next time. and if you didn't get buckets this past week, well get some this week, cause it's all about buckets

Monday, February 3, 2014

Still in Serdan

What is up my peeps?   Another week down and another one coming up... here's the low down.

I'm here in Serdan for another change. And still with the Jimmer. SO we're gonna ball out. He's still late, we're still teaching and well let's just say the harder I work the faster time will go and the more success we will have.
SO M. came to her her baptism and yes she got baptized. It was pretty legit. Good times. Didn't have any warm water and Jimmer baptized her so they were both a little chilly. Good Stuff. So, I can come home right? I got one...... hahaha jk. We got alot more work to do; 6 more weeks here and we have 4 dates within our time. So we're gonna dunk some more people. 
We are talking Mexico weather now. It's just real hot during the day and warm in the night. Good stuff for sure. I'm loving it and can't wait for some sweet sunburns on my face and neck and arms. No wind now but earlier this week we saw some small dust storms and some small tornadoes - pretty wild.  Don't want to be in a big one.  So I'm never living in the midwest. 
Me vs Mexico:
Well  I'm in the same house for 6 more weeks and we are looking to change houses but we will see. So I dared the daring and went and ate comida in the street. As of right now I'm good and the food well it was amazing.  I eat ice cream everyday I can. It's pretty bomb and only 7 pesos... good stuff. But its coming back to bite me, our investigator A. called me fat. So that was nice.... made me feel, well, fat.  And she's right I'm like 205, not good. I gotta start eating less or running instead of walking.
4 month mark:
Orale!!  It's been 4 months. that's wildness. just cruising by.  I can speak broken Spanish now and get my point across and well I'm fat, I play basketball once a week and I'm with Jimmer for 6 more weeks. We shall see how it goes.
Not much this week.  Pretty chill yesterday and  H. was trying to fix the tv for a mormon video and the super bowl came on 43-8 HAWKS!! WHAT UP SEA TOWN. Pretty sweet.  Mad I missed Sherman going crazy and talking smack.  But that's what youtube is for.
Till next time peeps.