Monday, February 3, 2014

Still in Serdan

What is up my peeps?   Another week down and another one coming up... here's the low down.

I'm here in Serdan for another change. And still with the Jimmer. SO we're gonna ball out. He's still late, we're still teaching and well let's just say the harder I work the faster time will go and the more success we will have.
SO M. came to her her baptism and yes she got baptized. It was pretty legit. Good times. Didn't have any warm water and Jimmer baptized her so they were both a little chilly. Good Stuff. So, I can come home right? I got one...... hahaha jk. We got alot more work to do; 6 more weeks here and we have 4 dates within our time. So we're gonna dunk some more people. 
We are talking Mexico weather now. It's just real hot during the day and warm in the night. Good stuff for sure. I'm loving it and can't wait for some sweet sunburns on my face and neck and arms. No wind now but earlier this week we saw some small dust storms and some small tornadoes - pretty wild.  Don't want to be in a big one.  So I'm never living in the midwest. 
Me vs Mexico:
Well  I'm in the same house for 6 more weeks and we are looking to change houses but we will see. So I dared the daring and went and ate comida in the street. As of right now I'm good and the food well it was amazing.  I eat ice cream everyday I can. It's pretty bomb and only 7 pesos... good stuff. But its coming back to bite me, our investigator A. called me fat. So that was nice.... made me feel, well, fat.  And she's right I'm like 205, not good. I gotta start eating less or running instead of walking.
4 month mark:
Orale!!  It's been 4 months. that's wildness. just cruising by.  I can speak broken Spanish now and get my point across and well I'm fat, I play basketball once a week and I'm with Jimmer for 6 more weeks. We shall see how it goes.
Not much this week.  Pretty chill yesterday and  H. was trying to fix the tv for a mormon video and the super bowl came on 43-8 HAWKS!! WHAT UP SEA TOWN. Pretty sweet.  Mad I missed Sherman going crazy and talking smack.  But that's what youtube is for.
Till next time peeps.

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