Monday, January 27, 2014

Ball it out

So here it is:  This week was a lot better than some of the past ones. Let's get it started.
Whew. This dude cracks me up. Love him. I got two new nicknames for him. One is Jimmer. Like Jimmer Fredette. We all know Jimmer cause we are either Mormon or ball out and get buckets or both. So Jimmer was awesome in college and is stinking it up in the pros like the Cougars do everytime against the UTES. My comp is the same. Warm ups(college) he balls out, then in the game he has a seizure every time he shoots. But he's a baseball player. Anyway he hasn't gotten any faster and is forgetting more things each day. Today he forgot all his white shirts to wash. But that is him. We goof around in the streets and make some pretty delicioso meals. Oh and also................when you live with someone for 2 months you're bound to see a full moon and it happened today.
Holy smokes it's incredibly cold here in the night. In the day it's like blazing hot; so weird. Kinda ridiculous. But I got 2 blankets and sometimes a heater. 491 pesos for our heating bill usually like 150 so that will explain how cold it is.  Use the heater like almost every night.
I saw 2 volcanos in 1 day that had smoke coming out of them. Pretty trippy.
Me vs Mexico:
So I am literally forgettig words in English. I just can't remember them. It's the weirdest thing. I speak Spanish when I'm mad too. So things are moving along real nice you could say. Also, when we contact people I always contact the drunks. 2 stories 1) I asked this dude, who was hammered what his name was, after 2 min he said "no recuerdo" or "I don't remember".  I just started laughing, said have a good one and we left. Priceless. 2)Yesterday there was this beautiful white husky with two kids our age, so we started talking to them and O. (one of their names) interrupts me and says that me and him and the perro are all equals.  Me loving dogs as much as anything said "Well of course mi amigo". He loved it; got a pic with them and the perro.  Always a pleasure to contact the Mexican people. 

WE FINALLY PLAYED BASKETBALL DURING THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! SO sick. Love ballin' in boots and church clothes and owning kids. We got 3 contacts out of it. It was kinda of a competition. but not really. One of those games where each team has 3 out of the 5 that should be at home playing World of Warcraft, but it's all about buckets. We play every p-day still. We are playing in the local park now for more contacts. We always win. Well, my team, cause like CP3 I hate losing more then I like winning. 

We have a baptism on Saturday. Our First... 2 days before cambios. And we have been working with her for 2 months. M is her name. We have 2 more who are really good;  P and A, they say that they can feel the spirit and feel happy and peace when we are with them and when they are in the church:  When we first contacted P, she had dreams the next night about us and our mesagge. Then after we taught her for the first time had dreams about us again. What can I say, I'm a ladies man for all races - haha - jk. Pretty wild what the spirit can do and how God prepares people for us to teach and Baptize. 1 week left in this cambio. We're gonna see if we can BALL OUT or as my comp says BALL IT OUT. Oh he's so classic.
Anyway thanks for reading and I got more coming for about 20 months more. who knows. DEUCES.

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