Monday, January 6, 2014

Lots of Fellowshipping

This week was good stuff.  Here it goes..
The Ward:
So we are making a big push with all the miembros asking them for references and teaching with them all the time. So we have had a lot of success and are getting return appointments which is good. Me and my comp had 77 contacts this week; were making moves. The bishop is preaching every Sunday to the people about the work and how it needs to press forward.  We have had a couple miembros in our casa to meet them.  I have a pic of all the family back in WA and everyone thinks that Seattle is my mom; so mom that means you are young and spry.
This guy is the man.  He's like a brother,  we don't fight anymore, but he takes his sweet time with things. my word. We made ginger bread houses; he was so confused because he has never done it before. pretty funny. He's the man, love him, good dude and a little strange.  Kinda like me.
Me vs Mex:
So I love walking down the street, it's always fun.  People stare and are now yelling. English or Good Morning or other english words.  It's pretty funny.  I just contact them and they are always super cool and funny.
They have the sickest jackets down here:  49ers, Raiders, Pats, Dolphins, Redskins and Rams are the most common sports teams.  A bunch of LA stuff.
So imma kill my shower if that's possible, but its the worst thing ever.  My goodness. The slightest inch of movement with the knob, it's hot as Satan or Cold as Christmas.  My goodness.  But whatever; anyway love this place, but it's just way too cold in the night. 
So we have one who went to rehab, then escaped somehow, which is weird and I don't know how it happened. We had a baptism on the 11th but she didn't come to church so no mas date. We are doing a lot more work with the less actives.  There are 350 less actives in Serdan alone.  It's wild, but we are pressing forward with love and teaching with members, lots of fellowshipping. 

Anyway short this week and I'm super tired right now, been tired all week.  I'll do better next week, anyway keep it real and deuces. 
Elder Farner

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