Monday, December 30, 2013

Moon River

So this week was very interesting.  I had been hearing all week in the letters how the Christmas in the mission is the best and how jealous people were of me.  Well my friends, I should’ve traded, cause I had the worst Christmas ever and I’m not exaggerating at all….and I’ll explain why.

Christmas Eve:

Ha oh boy it would’ve been a blast if I didn’t get straight steamrolled by sickness. I had been sick since Tuesday, throwing up, diarrhea and not being able to move.  We then went and got medicine, it’s a long walk to the pharmacy; like 10 min.   So the whole way I’m trying to keep my balance and debating if I should throw myself in front of a big bus, but with my luck I wouldn’t die. So we got the meds and then went to Hermana C’s house.  This lady is a saint and is definitely going to the Celestial kingdom.  Anyway, she made us a feast and me some chicken and rice.  So I got to watch people munch.  That was fun...........not really.

Christmas Day:

Well things got worse and worse with time. I was trying to feel better before we got to talk with the fam but that didn’t happen. Around 4 we went to Hermana X’s casa.  Lovely lady also.  She let me sleep on her daughter’s bed before I talked to the fam.  I slept for 3 hours. Around 7 I got on Skype and started talking. Felt sick the whole time and didn’t say half the things I wanted to say cause my stomach hurt so bad. And the connection (if that’s what you want to call it) was a disaster.

After Christmas:

Santa musta been really ticked off at me cause got nothing on Christmas and the day after I got something: a Moon River. (FLETCH reference). And I would’ve rather had coal.  I’ll explain. So woke up around 10 and felt like drunk hobo. So we decided to go to the hospital.   Bad decision. They hooked me up with an IV and a bed. Bed a little small, but the best blanket I have ever had at the hospitals. So 2 nurses came in.  I call them the Evil Twins. They need a sample of my doodoo and they brought with them a tube.  You can probably figure it out from there. Then after that they gave me a bunch of medicine.  I’ll tell ya, the stay at the hospital is muy bueno cuando you can watch TV. The next morning I left for the house.

So what have I learned from this you might ask? Well:

 1) Don’t eat everything you see in the street even though it smells like heaven.

2)Self-medicate or get some lifetime scars.

3)I have one more chance to have a good Christmas on the mission so let’s do it big, huh?!

4)Christmas with the family, YOUR family is 100x better.

Cars y Bikes:

They all have flat tires. It’s so weird. They just cruise with no air in the tires; and we freak out back at home when we are losing some air. Wild. Perspective.

That’s it this week folks. Pretty boring and gross and miserable. Till next time.

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