Monday, December 2, 2013

Tardes or Noches

So I’m gonna do categories cause the day by day thing is overused.

They are the nicest people down here. They will give you the coat off their backs and the food out of their fridge to you till you wanna throw up. Very Humble people. Always say hi to ya, Buenas Dias or Tardes or Noches. It’s kinda confusing. I’ll say tardes when its noches. Noche starts at 6 y tarde starts at noon.

They love their motorcycles. They will never wear helmets, just hold them or not have them. Strange. 2 guys were going like 100 and lost control and hit a pole and died. I heard that from an investigator.

The old people will always call me and mi comp jovens which means youngin. So fresh, y saw me a Lighting Mcqueen bug - haha so goofy.  The Catholics use fireworks to scare off the birds in the bell tower - that scares me every once in a while- haha.

The speed bumps down here....... like some stuff Ricky Carmichael has in his backyard; huge and long

He is the man; takes forever though. The guy spends 20 min on his hair, I wish I could send videos.  The funniest thing is to watch him do it.

He is a great teacher and loves the people a good example to me. When we are crossing the street he is very hesitant. He always yells “TAKE CARE” if he thinks I’m in danger, so funny.

We play rock paper scissors for prayers sometimes.  He’s up 13-7, more blessings for me. haha

We have really 1 investigator who is progressing.  She’s just waiting to get her divorce papers, then she’s getting baptized.  We never knock doors down here; it’s contacts in the street, referrals and getting the less actives back on the right track. We have a guy named V who’s the barber. He just loves kicking it with us and talking in English but doesn’t want to take a step forward.  He takes a lot about his problems too, confusing dude.

We went up to Chatlixica - no idea how to spell that – me, my comp, Elder H and Elder W; good times.  It was an activity in their ward.   We had some delicious tacos y patateos and played some futbol.   Me and this 8 year old S were killing it.  I would pass it to him, he’d give it back, I’d score, vice versa.  Kinda like me and Big E on a Wednesday night. Then we taught an English class to one of the members - fun times. Played Simon Says..lot more fun with people learning Spanish.  You win more as Simon – haha - good stuff.


Oh what a place. Now I’m in Mexico and it’s pretty nice for Mexico.  I’m not complaining at all, I’m describing.  We have no stove or electric stove that works. So it’s cereal, sandwiches and avena(oatmeal).  Our bathroom is small and moldy, smells like urine.

The shower..... oh boy. We always have hot water but I think it’s the same water that heats Satan’s river. My goodness, ridiculous.  You spend 5 minutes plus getting it tolerable - haha good stuff though.  Open the door to go into the living room after, hahaha like a magic show - so much steam.

Played basketball with the whole district, they aren’t very good so I don’t try too hard. But my team owns every time.. cause YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. My District Leader asked me why I was so jacked up. I told him cause I’m playing ball and why wouldn’t I be.  He said we are here to have fun.  I asked if he was having fun; he said yes even though I’m losing –kinda weird. I said I’m not having fun unless I’m winning.  But I said I would tone it down. Then this guy comes out pushing me and trying to steal the ball from me. Haha, oh boy. I had him doing spins and stuff Michelle Kwan wishes she could do.  He’s this 6 ft 1 in 160 lb dude - love him but he shouldn’t mess around.  He would throw the ball at me when I scored on him.  I didn’t talk trash, I just played. You would have been proud momma bear.  He then tried to back me down.  I just stood still and he didn’t go anywhere haha.  Good times for sure - loving playing ball.

Oh boy. Well it’s getting better. Starting to just talk- embarrass myself sometimes, but I’m teaching more and doing contacts.  I did my first one by myself, in Spanglish, the guy spoke ingles so that was nice.

This week was way better. Learning more and more each day. Loving it for sure

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  1. Nothing like being the king of the court on your mish, Show him how it's done Nairne!