Monday, December 9, 2013

All about Cubetas

Here come the categories again.

Oh boy, it just keeps getting better and better; had a dish called Tinga. It’s like rice, chicken, tomatoes, chile and some other stuff.  Then you put a cream type butter on a crunchy tortilla and munch away.  So good.   Another thing is the coke down here. They love it and they force it on you for sure. They buy huge 3L and pour glasses for days. It always whacks the stomach out.  Also the best thing that ever happened to me -  LECHERA.  It’s like this condensed milk, whipped cream and ice cream type tasting stuff.  I put it on my bananas, bread, cereal;  everything pretty much. I’m 209 pounds. Lost 6 pounds since the MTC. Good Stuff Right there.

They love their Gel. I’m the only one down here that doesn’t use gel in my hair.  I don’t do anything with it but these people spend time and money for it - some crazy looking ‘dos.  The word Bueno is used like Um or ahh when you’re trying to figure something out.  When you ask them when you can come back or when they have time for a visit - you get a life story.   It starts with them telling you about the family and the stuff they are doing.  Then it goes to other people they know to studies or work, then to some random topic and then to a time and date.  It’s a quest.

Oh this guy is a character. So he was trying to help me fix me camera and accidently deleted all my pics- haha. So we went to a camera store and got them all back on. He then hands me his camera and says delete mine please hahahaha. So priceless.  I obviously didn’t do it.  I just laughed and said all good.  Then he tried to give me 80 pesos cause that’s how much it costs to fix them.  I just took 20 and said it’s all good.  Now every time he has a member or other missionary’s camera I yell CUIDADO (watch out), he likes to delete photos ha.  We are getting along much better and having a blast. He’s still slower than molasses which I’m getting used to.

We have 4 new. G, the mother of two girls. M: 14, G, 6.5. They are getting BAPTIZED on the 15 of January. Then we have R - the most powerful lesson me and my comp taught so far. The restoration.  We had tears coming from his eyes - asked him to get baptized but he wants to learn more. We had 4 less actives at church which is good.  We’ll still have a lot more to retain that’s for sure; contacting every day.  Had one guy just stare at us while we talked; another lady asked why we don’t worship Mary.  They are all about her down here.

Well it’s a small apartment, not very tall doorways. Also the bathroom drips like crazy from the sink, shower and of course the toilet.  So it’s always wet, a pain but I like to slip a little here and there.  It’s getting colder but we got good blankets. Also we got a STOVE.  Oh we are cooking like champs now.  I had spaghetti today with croutons.   So needless to say, it’s getting good.

Ruppas or Perros:
They are everywhere and I love it. Can’t wait to get me like 5 when I get home.  I pet as many as I can and always wash my hands with hand sanitizer.  Worth it for sure.

So President Johnson of the 70 came down and we had a zone meeting on Amalucan. It’s about 2 hours from where we are or more. We stayed at the zone leader’s apartment and had ourselves a little pizza party. Good times that’s for sure. Got an awesome district and zone. President J talked about speaking the language, obedience and contacting people in the streets; brought the spirit in that’s for sure.

All about Cubetas:
Played some more ball today. Love me some hoops. This hoop tho..... rather play on a nerf hoop. It’s either a layup or has to be a perfect swish or of course a dirty bank shot. We had the whole district there. It was me and my man H who’s like 5' 6 220 lbs and M who’s a member who’s around the same vs 6' 3 G, 6' 1 J, and 5'11. All have played ball before the mission, not the best, but way better than my bros. But none the less, with help from the Lord we won 3 games:   all 3;  11- 6 each time. It’s all about cubetas and that’s what we got.  Had fun as usual. G was going crazy - hit me in the head twice and tried to guard me - haha. Good stuff, that’s for sure.


That’s about it hope all is well, take it easy and remember:  if you ain’t having fun, what’s the point.
Love ya!

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