Monday, March 31, 2014

Sick once again..

Well here it goes
Me vs Mexico:
Well I was sick again. It started at like 12 Wednesday. it was a little bit of exhaustion and a little stomach pain, then around 6 it was sweating, hard to breathe, cold shivers.  At 8 in was all that and the famous diarrhea. Awful. Anyway went to the hospital after 2 days in the house not moving and feeling like throwing up and hitting the john every 5 min.  They gave me some pills and well now I'm doing perfectly fine.
Africam Safari:
So today was pretty sweet. We went to the africam safari. its like jurassic park but with less fences and more real animals.  We drove through in a tour bus and saw zebras, lions, tiger bears and water buffalo, warthogs, wildebeasts and the most legit part was that we got a picture with a baby our lap holding it. The most legit thing ever. I was loving it. Gonna buy me a lion.
Don't have too many investigators here but we have 3 baptism dates. One of them lives in a house smaller than the janitor's closet in the church, its super humbling to go there; he is the man. The other is the pops of the Obispo; he's been investigating for 23 years and the 20th of April he wants to hit the waters; pretty sweet.  The other is a classy dude:  plays ball and is one of the few people who understands things perfectly. But we need more people to teach, our lider misional is the man.  He's got a whip and he's gonna use it on the members to help us out.  It's a lot easier to teach people who are referanicas. like 100000000000000000000000000000000000x easier.

Well it was a short week because I don't remember most of  it too well cuz of the animals in my stomach, but take it easy and DEUCES.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Here goes the week my friends:
So I got called to serve in the Zavaleta 2 area. It's about 10000000x hotter than Serdan. My goodness, I'm straight dying out here. But it will be good for the tan. It's the second richest area in the mission. I've seen countless BMWs, Benzs, Porsches and I've seen a Ferrari; so that will give you a quick overview of the freshness of the area. 
Elder C. Another Dominican. He's a little shorter than me, but he is the man.  He gets ready faster than me.  It's legit, we are making moves that's for sure.  He's fresh for sure, likes the same music and plays basketball.  I've heard he's actually pretty good, so we will see what happens.  He's also the District leader.
So I have two big rollers and a duffel to carry and we are talking LBS; like Warren Sapp LBS. So I'm carrying this stuff around the middle of Puebla. I got a little jacked and not to mention I had a guitar strapped around me.  H. gave it to me.  So I'm gonna learn how to stroke the guitar. We will see how that goes. 
The ward calls me and my comp the relief society presidency. We have 6 hermanas and a senior couple. And it's the first time my comp has been a DL. He's stressing tough because he doesn't like to talk on the phone and hates talking for a long time and well hermanas here are notorious for talking from now until their missions are over, that's why they serve 18 instead of 24. So we can get some real work done.  Hahaa, just messing, kinda. 
Wow. Nasty. Infested. Bathroom.  No toilet seat. No hot water. I'm in the city, my boiler should work like, my goodness. but it's kinda nice to take a cold shower in the morning.  But still, give me a break Mexico, like a huge break of that KitKat bar. Whatever, no importa.
Well there it is my peeps. we shall talk next time. DEUCES

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Dynasty is Over

Well here's the week my peeps-
Well I have finally got changed:  me and Elder J. are both leaving Serdan.  But he's going to TLachichuca which is 2 minutes away from us.  So he's not going too far but I'm heading to who knows where.  Anyway, kinda sad saying goodbye to the peeps here; love the bishop and his fam; I'm gonna miss them dearly.  Ya and my bags are like 100000 lbs, my goodness it's ridiculous.  But that's the cost of being a traveler. 
So I gave my first legit talk in church, kinda was scared but I was less scared then the time in EL Seco. So we were at Stake Conference and the signal was cruddy so we couldn't watch it. (They were broadcasting in Puebla)  Anyway they asked the missionaries to give a 5 min talk. So I did... no preparation and bad Spanish.  Anyway this time around was good, got lots of compliments from the people so that means they are really nice or they actually liked it. I spoke about charity. 
Well who knows how many good experiences I've had here; there are a lot but I think the favorite was just eating food with the members. Also sharing scrips and spreading the Gospel and helping the people of Serdan just become better personas and become more like Christ.  It's always hard to make changes, especially the religion, but there were so many miraculous changes I've seen in people here. 
Well the dynasty is over. Not gonna lie, kinda sad, but it's the will of God and I'll be moving right along with it.  We had a lot more good times than bad. 4 months is a long time with a Spanish speaking Dominican; but he's the man and I'm gonna miss him.  I'm gonna miss the, well, I'm just gonna miss him.

Sorry for the shortness but not much happening this week. Next week there shall be more. DEUCES

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still Kind of a Strange Sight..

The Prayer:
So, I've been learning something about the prayer. Well, 2 things.  The first;  a honest sincere prayer to God will always help you and make you feel loved. It's amazing. No vain repetitions just pour out your thoughts and feelings to God and He will answer you in the time best for you.  And second; if you don't want to say the prayer well, do this. When the head of the house or someone says "let's say a prayer", bow your head and close your eyes. They won't pick on you to say it...they just won't.  It's a test I proved this past week.  Haven't said the prayer once. Good stuff - more blessings for the other people.

Zone Activity:
We hit the pyramids today. Gonna say a little disappointed. I was expecting PYRAMIDS, but I got a little Mexican slice of well, Mexican pyramids; small and kinda cool.  Just real tiny and a lot of walking to get to them. They have a lot of signs on the cool ones that say don't walk there or here.  It's like a maze around the cool stuff... had fun though. Went with Hermano T. H is the homie, loves the missionaries and my red hair, so he's legit. Found some sweet black rocks that's for sure real shiny and smooth - called Onyx. 

Me vs Mexico:
Well I've got amoebas and gastritis; who knows what from, but it's not that fun - that's for sure. I was on the toilet for a total of 1 hour between 7-9 in the morning. Like 14 times going to the bathrooom. Wildness. Went to the doc and he checked me out and said don't eat spicy. I was heartbroken and well, felt like crap. So I kicked it in the house 3 times. not always the best but it was necessary. 

My Body:
Well people (the members) know I'm fat - they give me a hard time.  Whenever there is a speed bump in the road they tell me to stand up so the bottom of the car doesn't scrape. It's always a laugh. Good thing we don't ride in cars too much or else I would eat my sorrows away and get more fat - haha - just messing.
One day I was standing in a doorway preaching the good word (spitting fire) and these two kids walk by.  They were like 10 and 13.  They stare at me and go around the corner.  One of them comes back and stares, then leaves and then they both come back and stare.  I stop and say what's up my friends (que paso mi amigos) they smile and run. So I'm still kind of a strange sight, that's for sure.

Anyway... the week in a nice spicy wrapped chicken tortilla. DEUCES.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Good stuff for sure

What's the haps my peeps. here it goes

Oh we have the Dynasty of member food this week.  I'm talking the love the sweetness and all that's gonna make me fat and I'm not real worried about it. Anyway had some downright just grace of food on Sunday: some meat balls with eggs inside, rice with this peanut butter type sauce. oh momma it was delicioso.

So my comp is the District Leader and every week we switch comps for a day to learn and evaluate. I went with Elder D. This dude is the homie for sure, so classic. We were just 2 white Americans cruising, preaching and making moves.-  We stayed up to12ish just talking. Rough morning the next day, but when there is an American, well, you take advantage of the situation and communicate. 

The Baptism:
So El Seco, one of the areas in our district, was baptizing a family. pretty legit. 5 people. So we took 2 of our investigators. All of our good investigators are women so its alway interesting, let's just put it that way. Anyway after the 8 year old got baptized he came running out back into the room to see his parents get baptized.  Well he forgot to button up his shirt - haha so funny.  Just came running shirt flowing behind him and there was no shame haha.  Good stuff for sure.

District Activity:
So today we got to go up to the Waterfall.  It was pretty legit, had a walkway to walk underneath it.  I was flowing with the camera and snapping pics. Then me, Elder W. and Elder D. went down to the river climbed up and across the river to be underneath it.  Legit for sure... we got a little wet and had to make a bridge of rocks to help us go across the river. Fun for sure.  Then we ate some chicken burritos and rode in the back of a truck for 2 hours to and back to our area; so classic for sure. Good times but I'm not a fan of riding in the back of the truck for more than 30 mins. My legs and butt aren't meant for that..especially con 8 other elders.

Well it was short and I hope it was sweet. DEUCES.