Monday, March 24, 2014


Here goes the week my friends:
So I got called to serve in the Zavaleta 2 area. It's about 10000000x hotter than Serdan. My goodness, I'm straight dying out here. But it will be good for the tan. It's the second richest area in the mission. I've seen countless BMWs, Benzs, Porsches and I've seen a Ferrari; so that will give you a quick overview of the freshness of the area. 
Elder C. Another Dominican. He's a little shorter than me, but he is the man.  He gets ready faster than me.  It's legit, we are making moves that's for sure.  He's fresh for sure, likes the same music and plays basketball.  I've heard he's actually pretty good, so we will see what happens.  He's also the District leader.
So I have two big rollers and a duffel to carry and we are talking LBS; like Warren Sapp LBS. So I'm carrying this stuff around the middle of Puebla. I got a little jacked and not to mention I had a guitar strapped around me.  H. gave it to me.  So I'm gonna learn how to stroke the guitar. We will see how that goes. 
The ward calls me and my comp the relief society presidency. We have 6 hermanas and a senior couple. And it's the first time my comp has been a DL. He's stressing tough because he doesn't like to talk on the phone and hates talking for a long time and well hermanas here are notorious for talking from now until their missions are over, that's why they serve 18 instead of 24. So we can get some real work done.  Hahaa, just messing, kinda. 
Wow. Nasty. Infested. Bathroom.  No toilet seat. No hot water. I'm in the city, my boiler should work like, my goodness. but it's kinda nice to take a cold shower in the morning.  But still, give me a break Mexico, like a huge break of that KitKat bar. Whatever, no importa.
Well there it is my peeps. we shall talk next time. DEUCES

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