Monday, March 17, 2014

The Dynasty is Over

Well here's the week my peeps-
Well I have finally got changed:  me and Elder J. are both leaving Serdan.  But he's going to TLachichuca which is 2 minutes away from us.  So he's not going too far but I'm heading to who knows where.  Anyway, kinda sad saying goodbye to the peeps here; love the bishop and his fam; I'm gonna miss them dearly.  Ya and my bags are like 100000 lbs, my goodness it's ridiculous.  But that's the cost of being a traveler. 
So I gave my first legit talk in church, kinda was scared but I was less scared then the time in EL Seco. So we were at Stake Conference and the signal was cruddy so we couldn't watch it. (They were broadcasting in Puebla)  Anyway they asked the missionaries to give a 5 min talk. So I did... no preparation and bad Spanish.  Anyway this time around was good, got lots of compliments from the people so that means they are really nice or they actually liked it. I spoke about charity. 
Well who knows how many good experiences I've had here; there are a lot but I think the favorite was just eating food with the members. Also sharing scrips and spreading the Gospel and helping the people of Serdan just become better personas and become more like Christ.  It's always hard to make changes, especially the religion, but there were so many miraculous changes I've seen in people here. 
Well the dynasty is over. Not gonna lie, kinda sad, but it's the will of God and I'll be moving right along with it.  We had a lot more good times than bad. 4 months is a long time with a Spanish speaking Dominican; but he's the man and I'm gonna miss him.  I'm gonna miss the, well, I'm just gonna miss him.

Sorry for the shortness but not much happening this week. Next week there shall be more. DEUCES

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