Monday, March 31, 2014

Sick once again..

Well here it goes
Me vs Mexico:
Well I was sick again. It started at like 12 Wednesday. it was a little bit of exhaustion and a little stomach pain, then around 6 it was sweating, hard to breathe, cold shivers.  At 8 in was all that and the famous diarrhea. Awful. Anyway went to the hospital after 2 days in the house not moving and feeling like throwing up and hitting the john every 5 min.  They gave me some pills and well now I'm doing perfectly fine.
Africam Safari:
So today was pretty sweet. We went to the africam safari. its like jurassic park but with less fences and more real animals.  We drove through in a tour bus and saw zebras, lions, tiger bears and water buffalo, warthogs, wildebeasts and the most legit part was that we got a picture with a baby our lap holding it. The most legit thing ever. I was loving it. Gonna buy me a lion.
Don't have too many investigators here but we have 3 baptism dates. One of them lives in a house smaller than the janitor's closet in the church, its super humbling to go there; he is the man. The other is the pops of the Obispo; he's been investigating for 23 years and the 20th of April he wants to hit the waters; pretty sweet.  The other is a classy dude:  plays ball and is one of the few people who understands things perfectly. But we need more people to teach, our lider misional is the man.  He's got a whip and he's gonna use it on the members to help us out.  It's a lot easier to teach people who are referanicas. like 100000000000000000000000000000000000x easier.

Well it was a short week because I don't remember most of  it too well cuz of the animals in my stomach, but take it easy and DEUCES.

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