Monday, April 7, 2014

Red Lion

What's up my peeps. here it is again:
So I got a bunch of nicknames. We will forego the butchers of my last name and move on to the more interesting one. The one used most often is "Canelo". I thought it was for canela like cinnamon but it's for Canelo Alverez the boxer.  I told one contact in the street that he was my older brother... haha..good times. 
The second is a little more interesting. We had a new convert that was asking me about what apostle had red hair, I had no idea any one of them had red hair, but supposedly Luke the apostle had red hair and was called Red Lion. So the convert and his whole family call me Red Lion. Their little 5 year old daughter always runs and says "Aloha Red Lion" then runs away.  It's pretty funny,. 

This guy is the dude. So classic. We always have a blast. He is learning ingles and knows basically nothing. My last comp was an American compared to him. But he is progressing good.  He always says a question in a command form like "you are very sleepy" instead of "are you very sleepy?".  My favorite is "you rery to go" funny. We have a nerf hoop in the house and well we play p.i.g. a lot.  Good times that's for sure. I love it. We are about to move houses too, cause our house is a dump as you could say putting in nicely. 
Me vs. Mexico:
Well it's past 6 months and well it has cruised by that's for sure. My Spanish, well I can have a conversation with pretty much anyone and when I don't understand I'l throw a laugh in there or a smile and always a "SI".  That's my go to word and its worked like 90% of the time.  Still got some practice to go but it's coming along. 
Short this time around but don't have much to say. Keep it real and It's all about the Buckets and DEUCES.

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