Monday, April 21, 2014

The Dry Mormon

So here is the scoop for this week:

Me vs Mexico:
So this week has been real interesting. Haven't had water in the casa for 4 days, so that means no showers. So I'm repping 3 days of sweat and dust; and not just any normal sweat and dust...this is mexican style.  More dust with sweatier sweat. Wildness at its finest.
We were walking down the street, walked by this house that was blasting the most mexican dancing music. The door was wide open, so as we passed by we looked and there were two women dancing the most mexican dance. like Dancing with the Stars would like to have them on the tv. They saw us and ran to the door and were yelling "guerro y morinito"...which is like white boy and dark man and yelling "ven ven" which means come come.  So we just took off in a little jog,  I was dying laughing way funny.  Gotta love the streets of Mexico.
So we had a baptism this Sunday, pretty sweet.  It's the dad of the Bishop.  He's been investigating the church for 23 years. Now that's wildness. This guy knows a lot... he knows more than me. They call him the dry Mormon because he is just missing the water. Good stuff, nice little 30 min ceremony... short and sweet.
P Day:
Today was sweet. We got permission to go see "Son of God".  It was very different than the Bible stories I've heard and read but it was pretty good. ANd plus I can say I went to the movie theater during the mission. So overall, good stuff, and we also went to the good old Subway.... just as good as in the states but Quiznos and Jimmy Johns is better, but the Little Caesars here is better. 
Well that's all for this week, We find out if we have cambios this week. We shall see if I'm staying or going. Cuidados y DEUCES.

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