Saturday, April 19, 2014

Salvation is not an easy task

Well here it goes my peeps
Me vs Mexico:
Well guess what?  I was sick again. Who knows what I ate but we were in our correlacion meeting and I felt sick so I went to the bathroom and well, puked like 6 times in the john... was Nasty and then when we got home, I threw up again... slept in till like 12 the next day. But it only last like 24 hours, nothing like the past times.
And as always people;  they're fascinated with seeing a ginger american here in Mexico. 3 kids in the car drove by pointing with their chins hitting the ground....was pretty funny. And we have a investigator that we always run into in the street. He told us that tithing is apostasy so we took out the Bible and showed him the goods between the covers and well, he shut up real quick,. He also grabs my butt a lot, he is like a football coach,. Its strange to say the least but at least he likes me, haha.
So we are actually helping people here. We have painted part of a house. I helped a member wash her clothes by hand, she and her family were freaking out that I was doing it.  Pretty funny cause men don't wash clothes down here.  We helped a family with digging a well, it's about 8 ft deep.  We shoveled dirt out of this hole for 2.3 hours, it was a blast.  Reminded me of my yard work days that's for sure. 
Well, it's rough, there isn't a lot of people that want to hear us. They all have it figured out. Lots of pride and the truth is I kinda understand.  Who wants to listen a fat redhead and a skinny dominican. Well everyone should,  but I'm understanding that Salvation is not a easy task and it takes time and a lot of sweat.  Like I think I've sweat more here in 6 months then all my years of sports... like my goodness, it's ridiculous. But I'm loving it. The comp is the man. His english is still the same and funnier than ever. 

Well that's about it for today my friends. Take it easy and DEUCES.

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