Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dreaming in Spanish

Well here it is my peeps
So we have been working with 2 investigators and they have been progressing real well, but they have seemed to diminish real quick.  They haven't attended church in like 2 weeks, but this Sunday they both came.  One of them came up to us during sacrament meeting and said I want you to baptize me this Saturday. So we have him all set to hit the water.
We then have our other man, he has a wild ulcer on his foot and has been putting off the baptism because of his foot. But our bishop spit some mad game at him and he said baptize me this Saturday so were gonna be dunking some kids. 
So nobody got changed de our district, still repping the sociedad de socorro. Good stuff. Like to get a new change but I like to have 3 to 4 months in one area. We can get more work done and when there is a change every 6 weeks.  It's hard to build relationships in this time but after 2 months, well, making moves is the words you could use. 

It's wild here. It's blistering hot in the day; just drains all the energy out of the body.  The the past 2 weeks there has been thunder storms in the night....wild way sweet thunder.  Not your afternoon recess action....talking real life, real close lightning and thunder. Real smooth. 
Well, it's coming along. I can almost say everything I want to say; just real hard sometimes to express myself.  But I'm thinking in spanish and dreaming in spanish and my comp says to me that I am speaking in my sleep.......................... in spanish. So that's a good sign, no?
Well it's a short and sweet one today. Keep it real and DEUCES

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