Monday, May 5, 2014

Waterfall in the church

Here it is peeps
The Flood:
So we went to do some service for one of our investigadores Thursday at like 9 in the morning. He wasn't there so we were looking for someone to serve and couldn't find anyone. So I told the comp let's hit the church to do some service. It was more of I needed to go to the bathroom, and as I'm unlocking the door I hear a waterfall in the church. Well it turns out it was a water fall. Someone had stolen a copper pipe from the water system. The whole church was filled with 3 inches of water, like everywhere, so we spent 4 hrs helping push the water out with court sweepers. Good times. 
So had ourselves a baptism. We were gonna have 2 but one didn't pass his interview. Anyway he is the man, been investigating the church for like 3 years. He quit drinking, partying and smoking... which always good.  Awesome to see the changes he made. He bore his testimony at his baptism which was awesome, he bawled out for sure...made the whole crowd tear up. The guy that did the baptism had a tough time with the prayer so it took a little longer than we wanted... but all good.  Love me some baps.
So today we played soccer, basketball and volleyball at the church. Was a blast, but man the sun down here will kill ya.  Anyway I'm real rusty with basketball; slower, fatter and slower so it's rough.  But all good.  I'm like better at soccer.  Kinda sad but it's alright. I'll get it back.  Then we had a nice meal with the old bishop, he's got a sweet house and knows how to cook his food... like real good. So it was a blast.
Well not much for this week hope all is well. DEUCES y get BUCKETS.

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