Monday, May 26, 2014

The heart of our religion

Well here is the week: 

So we were chilling at church Sunday and talking to a family outside when Mario our buddy comes out and starts waving his hands and making the choking sound. He falls to his knees. I thought he was kidding at first but then he looked at me and his face is like turning purple. So me and my comp run over there. I give him the ole heimlich maneuver a couple times and out pops a candy. Was pretty wild. I'm grateful for the training of a lifeguard and when I learned it first as a Eagle Scout. So kids get your Eagle. 

The Divison:
So typically in every ward you have a division of the area for 2 sets of missionaries to work together. Anyway we didn't have one in this ward. But the presidente had us make one with the bishop. So we made it and like 3/4ths of our area is commercial and strip malls. So it's a little interesting cause we have 2 investigators right now. Gonna be fun. Basically starting an area over again.

Book of Mormon;
So there is a big push in the mission to use the Book of Mormon. Cause we always use the Bible to give people the heisman. Which is not working too well. So we figure let's get to the heart of our religion, the key to it all. And if ther like it and our reading it, well, then they want to know the rest. So we are getting directly to the point instead of beating around the bush. 

Well it's short like most of the Mexicans here, but it's real nice like most of the Mexicans here DEUCES


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