Monday, May 12, 2014

No love for the Red-headed stepchild

Here is the rundown:
So today was legit. Played kickball and soccer as a zone. My team won in kickball like 20  to 8. Then we played soccer...had four goals. Don't know what happened but I'm trading bucket skills for soccer skills and it's not on purpose. But everyone was super suprised but I think I was the most suprised of all. haha. Then we went to the mall and ate. I had some McDs....way good.... miss that food. kinda. Anyway it was a blast. Want to play some more soccer but got a nasty turf burn again, the worst. gonna sting real nice in my bucket shower.
Mamas Day:
Was way legit. Talked with the fam. Always a pleasure. Mom is looking good and didn't cry....which was suprising. If she did I didn't hear it. Pops is the man. Using those glasses still. Looks more and more like Bob Burnquist. Addison has the hair touching the floor and had the smile the whole time. Good stuff. And for the Hollan. Sounds like D Hansen mixed with Christian Bale as Batman.....and is robbing the clothes (expected it....and it's a good sign... means I had cool clothes), 
Teaching: So we teach like 20-25 lessons average here..30 is like wild and 40 is unheard of. We are getting better but there are not a lot of people to teach. No love for the Red-headed stepchild.   But Friday we didn't start teaching till 4 cause we had to help the Hermanas move out of their house. But we ended up with 6 lessons...was sweet...shows if we serve we will receive blessings.
Well it was short and hopefully sweet- Take it easy and DEUCES

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