Monday, June 30, 2014

It's coming along..

This week. Well not much but here it goes peeps:
So it's coming along.  I am forgetting more words in English than in Spanish. Which I guess is a good thing. It's funny when all the Americans get together and try to talk English.  It's so broken but the thing is we are all speaking it so we understand it.  One of the new guys told us we sound like idiots. We all looked at him and said give it 4 months and you will understand it. Plus I speak 3 languages now instead of 2 so I'm cool with it. 
So it's Seattle up here. Rain everyday and then that random sweet sunny day. But it's way cool when it's sunny cause the sunset is ridiculously nice and the sunrise too. Absolutely love it, but when it rains it's that cold rain.  In the city it's a warm rain and it's all cool and no pasa nada. 
This guy kills me. So here there are a bunch of excuses and when we hear one he just does this imitating voice that is downright priceless:  I straight die.  We both have parasites again so we are gonna see what the doc says. Hermana C. is getting on our backs with this one. She doesn't mess around with those parasites. 

Anyway not much happening up here.  Keep it low real low and smooth as usual. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Flash into the Future

He we go my folks and peeps:

So I directed this past week's Sacrament meeting. Was a little strange. I mean I'm only directing for 20 people so it's more like giving a class or a presentation in school. Anyway I saw a flash into the future. Hopefully it's not as a Bishop, but with my luck I'll be following the footsteps of pops; so we shall see.  But that's in like 20 years or something....or I could be like Thomas S. Monson....Bishop at like 23 years. whoooooo that's scary. 
So good stuff this week. Absolutely delicious food. It's sweet casue we eat in a restaurant and we get to pick whatever we want to eat. So it's always good.  Love it my peeps.  This lady makes some nachos that are downright to murder for. But I'm a representative of Jesus Christ so I just ask if she can make 'em so I don't have to kill anyone.
The Caves:
So last Monday we went to these caves. They have stalagmites in them but to get to the big huge caves you got to crawl through freezing cold water. and when I say freezing I'm saying that Frosty the Snowman ain't going near this water cause he would freeze to death.  But it was worth it. Me and Elder C. de Utah went climbing up to the heavens, it felt like.  When we couldn't go any higher we turned off out lights and sat in complete you couldn't see your hand while licking it. Crazy cool. One of the coolest experiences of my life.
Keep it cool my peeps..DEUCES.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Little bit of advice from the Mexican Redhead

Well it's gonna be a quick one. I didn't have a lot of time last week cause of changes and well I have just a little more this time.

So I was talking with the old comp C. about changes. Guessing where we were going to go and who we would be with. I told him I'm going to Tetela with Elder Fi...... And during transfers I was sitting next to Fi. and his comp. And they called out Tetela:  Elder Fi. and Elder Farner. I don't think I have ever smiled so big in my life. Classic times.

Talk about one of the most beautiful places in the world. Well I'm here. It's like 4 hours from the city. Surrounded by mountains and it's a rama. There are an average of 20 people each Sunday.
I'm the 2nd counselor. I gave a talk, the opening prayer and passed the sacrament.  Talk about a change of scene. And our house is downright suave... huge and got a balcony.. love that accion. Anyway it's all climbing hills here. To get to the members house and to our investigators.  I'm gonna get real skinny up here.  We eat at a restaurant every day besides Sunday so I could see me staying the same cause that food is downright awesome.

He is Elder Fi. Real chill dude and knows what he is doing, He's from Mexico and has like 15 months in the mission. So we are rocking it tough, he's the 1st counselor, so it's a little interesting,. He is a little slow but hey, I have more patience and getting mad doesn't make anything better, just makes things worse.  Little bit of advice from the Mexican redhead.

Take it easy... if you got any questions go for it. DEUCES

Monday, June 9, 2014

Leaving tomorrow

We are both leaving tomorrow, so we have changes.  So hopefully they like me in my next area.. haha. It's been a mess trying to get this house clean and pack all my stuff....straight zoo....and the space bags well one has a hole. so that blows. it will be fun.  Hopefully my comp is cool. Well got no time and I wish I had some, I will have more and better news next week.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey, I'm a missionary

Well here it goes my peeps:

My hair:
Well the fascination has gone to the next level. There is a family with 2 daughters and every time we see them they are always comparing their hair with mine telling me that they are close to matching it. I just tell them that it is nowhere near and they will never get it. They aren't too happy with my answers, but hey, I'm a missionary and as a representative of Christ, well, I can't lie.
Then I was walking down the street and 3 kids stopped and asked if that was my natural hair color. I said yes and they asked how. I said "ask my mom".  They looked confused.... funny stuff. 

Holy smokes, it's coming down out here. Feel like I'm in the Amazon just without the cool animals and plants. We got caught in a rain storm last Monday. So we ran to a member's house that was like 600 ft away and when we got into the house you would've thought that we had just gone swimming....was fun and really cold haha. 
So we have been putting some work in with the service these past weeks. We destroyed an old oven for a Hermana to sell. Then painted a nail salon. My goodness it smells so fruity in there.  Thanks goodness the paint takes away that smell. And then we helped a member move houses....was good times. Started raining tough so they took us home. And to top it all off we have been washing some dishes like we work in Red Robin. There were like 100 plus. Wildness.

Well hope it's what you were waiting for. If not well, I'm sorry.  I'll do better next time. DEUCES