Monday, June 30, 2014

It's coming along..

This week. Well not much but here it goes peeps:
So it's coming along.  I am forgetting more words in English than in Spanish. Which I guess is a good thing. It's funny when all the Americans get together and try to talk English.  It's so broken but the thing is we are all speaking it so we understand it.  One of the new guys told us we sound like idiots. We all looked at him and said give it 4 months and you will understand it. Plus I speak 3 languages now instead of 2 so I'm cool with it. 
So it's Seattle up here. Rain everyday and then that random sweet sunny day. But it's way cool when it's sunny cause the sunset is ridiculously nice and the sunrise too. Absolutely love it, but when it rains it's that cold rain.  In the city it's a warm rain and it's all cool and no pasa nada. 
This guy kills me. So here there are a bunch of excuses and when we hear one he just does this imitating voice that is downright priceless:  I straight die.  We both have parasites again so we are gonna see what the doc says. Hermana C. is getting on our backs with this one. She doesn't mess around with those parasites. 

Anyway not much happening up here.  Keep it low real low and smooth as usual. 

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