Monday, June 23, 2014

A Flash into the Future

He we go my folks and peeps:

So I directed this past week's Sacrament meeting. Was a little strange. I mean I'm only directing for 20 people so it's more like giving a class or a presentation in school. Anyway I saw a flash into the future. Hopefully it's not as a Bishop, but with my luck I'll be following the footsteps of pops; so we shall see.  But that's in like 20 years or something....or I could be like Thomas S. Monson....Bishop at like 23 years. whoooooo that's scary. 
So good stuff this week. Absolutely delicious food. It's sweet casue we eat in a restaurant and we get to pick whatever we want to eat. So it's always good.  Love it my peeps.  This lady makes some nachos that are downright to murder for. But I'm a representative of Jesus Christ so I just ask if she can make 'em so I don't have to kill anyone.
The Caves:
So last Monday we went to these caves. They have stalagmites in them but to get to the big huge caves you got to crawl through freezing cold water. and when I say freezing I'm saying that Frosty the Snowman ain't going near this water cause he would freeze to death.  But it was worth it. Me and Elder C. de Utah went climbing up to the heavens, it felt like.  When we couldn't go any higher we turned off out lights and sat in complete you couldn't see your hand while licking it. Crazy cool. One of the coolest experiences of my life.
Keep it cool my peeps..DEUCES.

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