Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey, I'm a missionary

Well here it goes my peeps:

My hair:
Well the fascination has gone to the next level. There is a family with 2 daughters and every time we see them they are always comparing their hair with mine telling me that they are close to matching it. I just tell them that it is nowhere near and they will never get it. They aren't too happy with my answers, but hey, I'm a missionary and as a representative of Christ, well, I can't lie.
Then I was walking down the street and 3 kids stopped and asked if that was my natural hair color. I said yes and they asked how. I said "ask my mom".  They looked confused.... funny stuff. 

Holy smokes, it's coming down out here. Feel like I'm in the Amazon just without the cool animals and plants. We got caught in a rain storm last Monday. So we ran to a member's house that was like 600 ft away and when we got into the house you would've thought that we had just gone swimming....was fun and really cold haha. 
So we have been putting some work in with the service these past weeks. We destroyed an old oven for a Hermana to sell. Then painted a nail salon. My goodness it smells so fruity in there.  Thanks goodness the paint takes away that smell. And then we helped a member move houses....was good times. Started raining tough so they took us home. And to top it all off we have been washing some dishes like we work in Red Robin. There were like 100 plus. Wildness.

Well hope it's what you were waiting for. If not well, I'm sorry.  I'll do better next time. DEUCES

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