Monday, May 26, 2014

The heart of our religion

Well here is the week: 

So we were chilling at church Sunday and talking to a family outside when Mario our buddy comes out and starts waving his hands and making the choking sound. He falls to his knees. I thought he was kidding at first but then he looked at me and his face is like turning purple. So me and my comp run over there. I give him the ole heimlich maneuver a couple times and out pops a candy. Was pretty wild. I'm grateful for the training of a lifeguard and when I learned it first as a Eagle Scout. So kids get your Eagle. 

The Divison:
So typically in every ward you have a division of the area for 2 sets of missionaries to work together. Anyway we didn't have one in this ward. But the presidente had us make one with the bishop. So we made it and like 3/4ths of our area is commercial and strip malls. So it's a little interesting cause we have 2 investigators right now. Gonna be fun. Basically starting an area over again.

Book of Mormon;
So there is a big push in the mission to use the Book of Mormon. Cause we always use the Bible to give people the heisman. Which is not working too well. So we figure let's get to the heart of our religion, the key to it all. And if ther like it and our reading it, well, then they want to know the rest. So we are getting directly to the point instead of beating around the bush. 

Well it's short like most of the Mexicans here, but it's real nice like most of the Mexicans here DEUCES


Monday, May 19, 2014


Well here is the rundown.
So had interviews with the President. And when were done we go and do our spanish interview with the wife of the presidente. She asks how we were feeling and how the Spanish is coming along. She always knows when I'm sick. So she asked me how I was doing, I said good and you. Then we both started to shake. She said "I'm sick right now. I'm like, "me too". Then we looked outside and saw buildings shaking. And we looked around and some other elders were like "ya it's a earthquake."  It was wild. Loved it. Nobody even thought about going to the exit, let along getting out of their seat. Was classic.
So it was a interesting P-Day. I was running to chase down a ball close to the goal. And the goalie came out, and in soccer the goalie is like the kicker in football. If you touch them, people will freak and the flags start getting thrown. So I slowed up but still was low cause this clown was running full speed at me. Well, we both hit each other and let's just say he got smacked like when Reggie Bush got smacked by Sheldon Brown.  The goalie wasn't too happy.  I came back with the ball like 3 minutes later and scored a goal on him. Was classic.
Holy smokes it's hot. My word. I'm missing me some Seattle rain life. Real ridiculous. But when it rains here, my word, its like a waterfall. It's not even rainy season here. So it should be intersting to see the real rain life.

So my comp and I were trying to find a house and there were like 4 dogs that were real mean. They were barking a whole bunch and trying to intimidate us.  While I was fending off a small one that was getting inside my bubble of love (and you need to pay or have permission to come into this bubble), my comp went to knock on the door and right as he did the dog ran and did a drive-by bite and run. Wasn't too deep but here you never know if they have rabies. So we went to the doctor; it was a experience to say the least. He carrried a pole the rest of the day.
Well hope you enjoy it. Its short this time. Not much activity. DEUCES  

Monday, May 12, 2014

No love for the Red-headed stepchild

Here is the rundown:
So today was legit. Played kickball and soccer as a zone. My team won in kickball like 20  to 8. Then we played soccer...had four goals. Don't know what happened but I'm trading bucket skills for soccer skills and it's not on purpose. But everyone was super suprised but I think I was the most suprised of all. haha. Then we went to the mall and ate. I had some McDs....way good.... miss that food. kinda. Anyway it was a blast. Want to play some more soccer but got a nasty turf burn again, the worst. gonna sting real nice in my bucket shower.
Mamas Day:
Was way legit. Talked with the fam. Always a pleasure. Mom is looking good and didn't cry....which was suprising. If she did I didn't hear it. Pops is the man. Using those glasses still. Looks more and more like Bob Burnquist. Addison has the hair touching the floor and had the smile the whole time. Good stuff. And for the Hollan. Sounds like D Hansen mixed with Christian Bale as Batman.....and is robbing the clothes (expected it....and it's a good sign... means I had cool clothes), 
Teaching: So we teach like 20-25 lessons average here..30 is like wild and 40 is unheard of. We are getting better but there are not a lot of people to teach. No love for the Red-headed stepchild.   But Friday we didn't start teaching till 4 cause we had to help the Hermanas move out of their house. But we ended up with 6 lessons...was sweet...shows if we serve we will receive blessings.
Well it was short and hopefully sweet- Take it easy and DEUCES

Monday, May 5, 2014

Waterfall in the church

Here it is peeps
The Flood:
So we went to do some service for one of our investigadores Thursday at like 9 in the morning. He wasn't there so we were looking for someone to serve and couldn't find anyone. So I told the comp let's hit the church to do some service. It was more of I needed to go to the bathroom, and as I'm unlocking the door I hear a waterfall in the church. Well it turns out it was a water fall. Someone had stolen a copper pipe from the water system. The whole church was filled with 3 inches of water, like everywhere, so we spent 4 hrs helping push the water out with court sweepers. Good times. 
So had ourselves a baptism. We were gonna have 2 but one didn't pass his interview. Anyway he is the man, been investigating the church for like 3 years. He quit drinking, partying and smoking... which always good.  Awesome to see the changes he made. He bore his testimony at his baptism which was awesome, he bawled out for sure...made the whole crowd tear up. The guy that did the baptism had a tough time with the prayer so it took a little longer than we wanted... but all good.  Love me some baps.
So today we played soccer, basketball and volleyball at the church. Was a blast, but man the sun down here will kill ya.  Anyway I'm real rusty with basketball; slower, fatter and slower so it's rough.  But all good.  I'm like better at soccer.  Kinda sad but it's alright. I'll get it back.  Then we had a nice meal with the old bishop, he's got a sweet house and knows how to cook his food... like real good. So it was a blast.
Well not much for this week hope all is well. DEUCES y get BUCKETS.