Monday, May 19, 2014


Well here is the rundown.
So had interviews with the President. And when were done we go and do our spanish interview with the wife of the presidente. She asks how we were feeling and how the Spanish is coming along. She always knows when I'm sick. So she asked me how I was doing, I said good and you. Then we both started to shake. She said "I'm sick right now. I'm like, "me too". Then we looked outside and saw buildings shaking. And we looked around and some other elders were like "ya it's a earthquake."  It was wild. Loved it. Nobody even thought about going to the exit, let along getting out of their seat. Was classic.
So it was a interesting P-Day. I was running to chase down a ball close to the goal. And the goalie came out, and in soccer the goalie is like the kicker in football. If you touch them, people will freak and the flags start getting thrown. So I slowed up but still was low cause this clown was running full speed at me. Well, we both hit each other and let's just say he got smacked like when Reggie Bush got smacked by Sheldon Brown.  The goalie wasn't too happy.  I came back with the ball like 3 minutes later and scored a goal on him. Was classic.
Holy smokes it's hot. My word. I'm missing me some Seattle rain life. Real ridiculous. But when it rains here, my word, its like a waterfall. It's not even rainy season here. So it should be intersting to see the real rain life.

So my comp and I were trying to find a house and there were like 4 dogs that were real mean. They were barking a whole bunch and trying to intimidate us.  While I was fending off a small one that was getting inside my bubble of love (and you need to pay or have permission to come into this bubble), my comp went to knock on the door and right as he did the dog ran and did a drive-by bite and run. Wasn't too deep but here you never know if they have rabies. So we went to the doctor; it was a experience to say the least. He carrried a pole the rest of the day.
Well hope you enjoy it. Its short this time. Not much activity. DEUCES  

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