Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still Kind of a Strange Sight..

The Prayer:
So, I've been learning something about the prayer. Well, 2 things.  The first;  a honest sincere prayer to God will always help you and make you feel loved. It's amazing. No vain repetitions just pour out your thoughts and feelings to God and He will answer you in the time best for you.  And second; if you don't want to say the prayer well, do this. When the head of the house or someone says "let's say a prayer", bow your head and close your eyes. They won't pick on you to say it...they just won't.  It's a test I proved this past week.  Haven't said the prayer once. Good stuff - more blessings for the other people.

Zone Activity:
We hit the pyramids today. Gonna say a little disappointed. I was expecting PYRAMIDS, but I got a little Mexican slice of well, Mexican pyramids; small and kinda cool.  Just real tiny and a lot of walking to get to them. They have a lot of signs on the cool ones that say don't walk there or here.  It's like a maze around the cool stuff... had fun though. Went with Hermano T. H is the homie, loves the missionaries and my red hair, so he's legit. Found some sweet black rocks that's for sure real shiny and smooth - called Onyx. 

Me vs Mexico:
Well I've got amoebas and gastritis; who knows what from, but it's not that fun - that's for sure. I was on the toilet for a total of 1 hour between 7-9 in the morning. Like 14 times going to the bathrooom. Wildness. Went to the doc and he checked me out and said don't eat spicy. I was heartbroken and well, felt like crap. So I kicked it in the house 3 times. not always the best but it was necessary. 

My Body:
Well people (the members) know I'm fat - they give me a hard time.  Whenever there is a speed bump in the road they tell me to stand up so the bottom of the car doesn't scrape. It's always a laugh. Good thing we don't ride in cars too much or else I would eat my sorrows away and get more fat - haha - just messing.
One day I was standing in a doorway preaching the good word (spitting fire) and these two kids walk by.  They were like 10 and 13.  They stare at me and go around the corner.  One of them comes back and stares, then leaves and then they both come back and stare.  I stop and say what's up my friends (que paso mi amigos) they smile and run. So I'm still kind of a strange sight, that's for sure.

Anyway... the week in a nice spicy wrapped chicken tortilla. DEUCES.

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