Monday, March 3, 2014

Good stuff for sure

What's the haps my peeps. here it goes

Oh we have the Dynasty of member food this week.  I'm talking the love the sweetness and all that's gonna make me fat and I'm not real worried about it. Anyway had some downright just grace of food on Sunday: some meat balls with eggs inside, rice with this peanut butter type sauce. oh momma it was delicioso.

So my comp is the District Leader and every week we switch comps for a day to learn and evaluate. I went with Elder D. This dude is the homie for sure, so classic. We were just 2 white Americans cruising, preaching and making moves.-  We stayed up to12ish just talking. Rough morning the next day, but when there is an American, well, you take advantage of the situation and communicate. 

The Baptism:
So El Seco, one of the areas in our district, was baptizing a family. pretty legit. 5 people. So we took 2 of our investigators. All of our good investigators are women so its alway interesting, let's just put it that way. Anyway after the 8 year old got baptized he came running out back into the room to see his parents get baptized.  Well he forgot to button up his shirt - haha so funny.  Just came running shirt flowing behind him and there was no shame haha.  Good stuff for sure.

District Activity:
So today we got to go up to the Waterfall.  It was pretty legit, had a walkway to walk underneath it.  I was flowing with the camera and snapping pics. Then me, Elder W. and Elder D. went down to the river climbed up and across the river to be underneath it.  Legit for sure... we got a little wet and had to make a bridge of rocks to help us go across the river. Fun for sure.  Then we ate some chicken burritos and rode in the back of a truck for 2 hours to and back to our area; so classic for sure. Good times but I'm not a fan of riding in the back of the truck for more than 30 mins. My legs and butt aren't meant for that..especially con 8 other elders.

Well it was short and I hope it was sweet. DEUCES.

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