Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Key is to just Work, Work, Work

Well I’m not sick right now so that’s good.  It’s a lot better when you’re not sick that’s for sure.  Well, let’s get it started huh. 


HAhahahah this guy just keeps getting better and better.  When I am waiting for him I just study or read or practice dribbling the basketball cause even though I’m on the mission, it’s still about buckets.  Just different buckets, anyway.   Our lessons are getting shorter and sweeter. 1 hour to 45 min. so that’s helpful.

I call them door hoppers. They just go from door to door and just stand and survey their "kingdom". Then there is the Center Park or the Jungle I call it. Cause there are lots of PDA couples.  It’s like high school all over again, but they are still the nicest people.   Good stuff.

This is the area I’m serving in.  It’s pretty sweet, but it’s very expensive. I was in La Paz which is like the heart of Puebla and I bought a sweet snapback for 50 pesos or 3.80 dollars.  Same kinda hat. 100 pesos in Serdan.  A little ridiculous and all the shoes that are real are like 2500 pesos.  Wildness but great food...... my goodness imma gonna be BIG MIKE big when I get back. haha chiste

It’s a lot like Seattle when Seattle is like the nicest day. Kinda like Santa Cruz in the morning;  cold but the sun is out.. Then at night it’s cold, real cold.  I got my North Face, Beanie and some gloves and it’s still a bit nippy. But overall it is very nice from 12-6.  It’s cold cause it’s the desert and it’s Diciembre.  So hopefully that will change next month. I’m getting a nice reddish face neck and arms.  I need to wear no shirt a couple days to even it out but then I couldn’t put my name tag anywhere.

You can probably tell by some of my sentences and spelling of things that I’m losing the English and getting some espanol juego in my life.  It’s getting a lot better day by day.  I can understand pretty much everything but it’s the conjugations and speaking I have trouble with. But there’s always a person I have no idea what they are saying ha-ha. That happens in America too.

We have 3 progressing, 1 with a date, January 11th. I invited her to be baptized which was pretty cool.  It was in perfect Spanish or the Spirit just helped her understand it haha.   But still waiting on divorce papers for N.  G and her daughter that had dates haven’t come to church and she lost her business and has cancer. So things are tough for here right now.  It’s sad but we try to help her out as much as possible

We had basketball today. Little Tournament. It was me, Elder H, Elder S and Elder Z, two short men and one uncoordinated.  We went 4-1. I couldn’t even run the last game.  I was so tired from rebounds, getting and 1s and steals. Basically me vs 4. But that’s the way I like it. We beat Elder J who is  6 ‘1”, Elder G who is 6’2” and Elder W and Elder S who have all played before. They complained the whole time about I was "fouling them".  I was just doing the butt stick out on rebounds and 50/50 balls. I was like. ‘you don’t wanna get hurt, don’t jump on my back or try me with those 50/50’. It was pretty funny.  It was me and Elder G and Elder J  all running for the bal.  I reached forward and go it with one hand, brought it back between my legs and then around my back and Elder J and Elder G ran into each other.  Then I went between the legs on Elder G.  Oh, how I love this game. Haha.
Anyway to sum it all up.  It’s all getting better.  The key is to just work, work, work. Tired and more tired but it’s all good.

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