Monday, December 16, 2013

The Spirit is willing but the stomach is weak

I’m starting to have legit conversations with people.  It’s a lot more fun cause I can be myself in 2 languages.

Well let’s get it started. This email is going to be kinda weak, Cause I feel super sick and barely could walk here.

Figured I would start with this first; ate something called chicharon, usually it’s very good but for some reason it ruined me.  Made me pull a jimmy johns - ask my dad about that one.
Had a burger called the jumbo.  It’s on flattened hot dog buns:  hot dog, 2 meats, chiles, salsa, ketchup, mounds of cheese.  It was pretty good; enjoyed it immensely.   Well it’s making me sick talking about food. Next.

Lots of power outages, happen for like 5 min and then go back on. Weird; the whole street will just die.  It happened when we were walking home. pretty scary.
Then there are the venders on the streets with their food.  They will go to the fences by the schools and throw food over to them.  Then the kids pay them through the fence; pretty funny.   They love Johnny Bravo here.  My comp has a little action figure.  They all know how to do the Johnny Bravo move. 
So we were eating in the tacos al pastor rest; way good.   And there’s this singing hobo who comes and will sing (not even good) and ask for money.  So I was giving hand sanitizer to the people in my district and he was coming over by us so I say ‘Aqui’.  He sprinted towards me and I gave him some hand sanitizer.  Then he was just stunned and looked ticked and walked out ha.
One of our menos activos is a barber, L. he was giving this guy a 1 on the sides when I see the guys face do a double take and freak out haha - he had wanted a 2 haha. priceless.

We have 3 who are progressing. C who is married to R who’s the man.  Then there’s N who’s basically a member who just needs to get married.  Then Jose whose wife is a member, he’s coming but he’s all about being a Catholic.  He’s slowly starting to believe, so were are making headway.


We had Cambios this week. Our whole district is the same, which is pretty sick - love these boys.  I had intercambios with the District Leader Elder G. We had some fun times; played ball in the morning for ejercicios.  We then went throughout our day preaching and spreading the good word.  Then the next morning our cell phones weren’t working. pretty funny.  We were walking to the bus to go to el seco when we saw Elder H and Elder W with no ties and flip flops coming to talk to us about the cell phones. We decided to go to el seco and meet up with mi comp and Elder S.  They had left to come meet us, so we had fun finding them. Took us 4 hours to finally get back to the house with my comp. good times


Ahhh  I’m going to adopt one of these things by the end of mission that’s for sure. They have a street I call Ruppa Road. Has a pit bull, 2 great danes, rottweilers, doberman, black lab, and a german shepherd.  All my favs. so sick. I love walking down that road.  There are some massive mean looking pit bulls here -pretty wild.  I’ll have to get a pic of one.

That’s about it.  I’m about to throw up so have a good one. 

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