Monday, November 25, 2013

Still having fun with the Language

Tuesday, Martes (November 19, 2013)

Our outlet for the heater melted so I’ve been sleeping in a sweatshirt ever since then. My comp and I taught a new investigador.  Well, he mostly did, he repeats stuff like a champ. Our progressing investigador got way trashed and had the Mexico homeland security come and take him.  We convinced them to take him to his ex-wife’s house. The other elders H y W who live 2 min from us but proselyte in Clatichua.   They are fresh, Elder H is from Mexico somewhere and Elder W is from Cali.  Elder H just randomly says my name all the time, funny dude.  I’m getting humbled for sure.

Wednesday, Miercoles (November 20, 2013)

Had our district meeting where we talk about our goals and what we need to do better. Elder G, the big tall white guy from Virgina, is our district leader. Cool guy, he helps me out a lot. He said “I love you” over the phone and I thought he asked how old I was so I said “21”-- haha.  He said “Cool but I said I love you”.  Haha good times.  I have no clue what’s going on ever in the district meetings cause they are all speaking spanish ha-ha.  Oh it’s rough for sure learning a new idioma.   I’m gonna start calling my comp John Gruden cause he is calling audibles without telling me all the time.  We were supposed to teach Plan of salvation but we taught restoration. Did it without telling me.  Whatever though.

Thursday, Jueves (November 21, 2013)

We took a bus,  well buses, to the interviews with the president.  It took us 3 hours total.  I slept most of the time…love my president and even his wife - they are awesome.  They remind me of Grandpa and Grandma Farner for sure. We got muffins from COSTCO.  We need to do a better job planning.  My comp who’s Latin, is always late.  It’s embarrassing showing up late; but every time we show up late our citas aren’t even ready.  So it’s Latin time on Latin time I guess.  Still I would like to be on time. 

Been seeing lots of ruppas and loving it.  I want to keep some of them at the apartment, but I don’t want the diseases or bugs considering I have bug bites all over my body.  It’s like chicken pox. I don’t know what they are.  They itch like crazy.  I wake up in the middle of the night itching myself.  That’s Mexico. I’m getting humbled that’s for sure.

Friday, Viernes (November 22, 2013)

We taught my man V today.  He’s a barber and speaks English.  He calls us brothers every time he sees us, it sounds more like “bruders” though.  He plays soccer every Sunday during church which is rough.  So I asked him in Spanish which is more important, God and church or soccer.  He said God and church but I gotta play some soccer.  I’m confused about him but he’s the man.

I had some food at the obispos casa…absolutely amazing.  It was this soup with corn, meat, lettuce, onions, radishes and tasted like heaven when you dipped a butter tortilla in it. Also started my ingles teaching with P and his 2 sisters. So fun. Love doing that. Their mom always gives me some sort of pastry.

Saturday, Sabado y Sunday, Domingo (November 23 and 24, 2013)

Taught P y his familia about the Plan of Salvation. I did most of the teaching and my companion did most of the talking.  Church was good; understood more and am reading in Spanish a whole lot better.  Some things I noticed over the week. Every car has some sort of an attempt at neon lighting, kinda weird.  The clothes take days to dry when being air dried. There are always worms crawling on the shower floor…gross creepy ones.  The bus drivers are crazy-- they pass like 6 cars, trucks, buses at a time.  Crazy.  Every time we go to the supermarket we have to check in our mochillas and then get them when we leave.  When it’s sunny one side of the street always has shade and the other side is blistering hot. The shady side is always crowded. And some lady asked if we were stewards on an airplane haha.

Anyway times are getting betterish…still have fun with the language and can’t wait till I can speak it fluently.  But who knows when that will be. I’m getting more comfortable with talking but I don’t know what to say cause they are speaking so fast.  It’s rough but I’m still loving it.  The highs are way better than the lows.  I pray like 6 times a day now and I always pray for you too. Thanks I need all the love I can get.

love ya and miss ya

Elder Farner

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  1. Reading this stuff gives me total flashbacks of my mission. Especially the mystery bugs that eat your flesh and make you wake up at night itching! Yuck, I don't miss that part. :)