Monday, November 18, 2013

Serving in Serdan Mexico

November 18, 2013

This week has been, well no words can explain what has been going on but I will try. We are in a city called Serdan. It’s small and has a lot of people. The weather is Seattle -ish except more sun and gets way cold at night.  My companion is the man.  He’s from the Dominican Republic and speaks little to no English; so we have some fun conversations you could say.

Pretty crazy down here.  Lots of noises.  Music, lots of music.  They have trucks, bikes, and 4 wheelers that ride around with music so people know when to buy this stuff.   They have gas for the boilers, water like the big jugs they have in the offices. We hand dry our clothes. The relief society president lets us use her washing machine.

The idioma(language) is getting mejor (better).  It’s difficult cuz they speak so fast down here its half impossible to understand.  I pretty much just stay and say  que bueno, bien, bueno, si, no, no entiendo or siempre, and then bear my testimony in sketchy Spanish.  They have lots of motorcycles that are way too loud and they have ruppas for years.  They are so ragged and nasty but they is an occasional ruppa that I would take home.  Cars, lots of bugs and trucks and gotta have a sticker on it.  Nike, Jordan, Grenade.  Also Lamborghini and Ferrari stickers for years.  Lots of jackets with sports teams on them; loving it for sure.  
Never been more angry, frustrated, sad cuz I can’t contribute much or understand anything and it’s hard to feel good with that.  Also so much walking…I’ve walked more in the past week then I have in the past 2 years for sure, and stoked, happy, enjoying life because it’s amazing when people want to hear us or share their feelings with us and help us out.

The spirit works in the wildest ways. Just now a guy next to me started speaking English. 99 percent of the people here speak Spanish, but he asked about our church and when we meet and wrote down his info and called the English language the most beautiful idioma in the world and said he would see us on Sunday. pretty sweet.

We have 3 investigators with a baptismal date.  We have 16 new appointments next week.  They are all contacts.  We were trying to find a house and couldn’t find it; knocking on all sorts of doors and never found him.  But we got 6 new appointments in the meantime.  I even did the contact, well the first part on one of them.

There were 67 people at sacrament meeting. That’s about all that’s happening.  The place we stay in has the shower and toilet together, and no ac or heater, but we got a plug in one.  The members feed us every day and I have had avena (don’t remember the English word-ha) with peanut butter every morning and microwaved sandwiches before bed…nasty.  But it’s a blast and has flown by.  Got a busy week coming up for sure.... anyway till next time.

wish you could be down here
love you and miss you

Elder Farner

President and Sister Christensen with Elder Farner

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