Monday, January 20, 2014

Fat Cat

What's the haps people.  Another week down and its flying by, here's the update:

Comp: This guy. Thinks he knows everything which he is pretty close. but not really. So I have been letting him borrow my shoes for exercises. and they don't have a size on them cause they are so worn out; he thinks they are tens.  So every time every time we go into a shoe store (and it's a lot of time because I gotta see those shoes) he tells the owner "I'm looking for 10" and I say 11.   He says "you're a ten" and I took off my shoe and showed him the 11 and he has been silent about it ever since.  I never really end up actually buying anything, it's just for the contact of the person. 
Funny Experiences: So we were walking home yesterday night. and there were these people trying to get this cat off the top of this building. It was a fat black and white cat, like the father of Garfield fat. Anyway J ties these two metal ladders together with rope, and they are big ladders like 10 ft each. and metal that you would use to lift and get jacked, so it was heavy and he was trying to lean it up.  5 ft man plus 20 ft 200lb ladder - not a good mix so I helped him out a lot ha.  Then he  climbed up and got the cat, but it was freaking me out so one of the ladies got a bag like you would use at safeway, the special save the earth nonsense ones, well it was too small.  I climbed up the ladder with it J. stuffed this cat in head first treating it like it was a toy and gave it to me as I climbed down. Almost fell cause that thing was freaking out.  Good times for sure; no day is ever the same.

Investigators: No baptisms yet, but we got 11 new investigators this week. 5 fechas or dates next month; so we are making moves.  The work is getting better - we have a goal of 200 contacts. so we are starting to make moves. 

Me vs. Mex: I dared the daring Saturday and had street tacos again and my goodness they were worth it.  So bomb.  I haven't gotten sick yet.  That's all I have to say. 

Well folks short one this week - wasn't too interesting and lots of work with the members and getting people to hear the good true word.  Again if you have questions ask me please. 

Elder Farner

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