Tuesday, January 14, 2014

3 months in the mission

Last week's letter was a bit of a joke.   Sorry for all those that read it, you will probably never get that time back.   Anyway, I'm gonna write a better one. here it goes

Me vs Mexico:
So the people here are all about giving the Americans hard times when they are walking in the streets, yelling stuff in English. funny stuff. 3 kids are 8 years old yelled "Say something in ingles".   I said "Hola"; so I like to mess around with them.  They love my eyes almost as much as my hair.  I had one family say they were envious of my hair, so I said once I get my hair cut I would save some for them. 
It's getting a lot.  I'm getting used to Mexican Spanish which is very different then the Spanish I learned in 3 years of high school.   Well, I didn't learn anything there, just how to dance.   For saying something sad, they say bien triste, for good, que bueno, for funny bien chistoso.  They use que y bien before a lot of words. Kinda fun.  I'm working on the accent and the conjugations are slowly improving. 
Oh it gets better every day.  There is a lot of stews down here; not a big fan of stews to be honest. But with tortillas and salsa its all good. We had chalupas the other day.  Oh they were bomb; I had like 12.
I'm putting the weight back on that I lost from my sickness; it's not good, but I figure I'll get sick again and lose it all. It's all good.  Then there is the pastelirias.   It's like sweet bread and pastries.  Oh my goodness its clutch.  I think I gain more weight with the sweets than with the Mexican food.
This guy;  he's classic. something everyday he does makes up for the wasted time and the miscommunication. Like this week.  When he walks and tries to send a text or write in his planner he slows down and drives like someone from Seattle in the rain.  Then when there's a sidewalk or a bump he always trips over it and says triste calle.  Haha bien chistoso.  Then he always hits his head on stuff, the bathroom doorframe, strings in the street.  He just doesn't pay attention fully.   He's kinda like a little brother all the time.  Anyway love him, we ball out and we got 2 weeks left.
There is always fun with our investigators. They all say they will come to church; never do. We had one choose her baptism and not come to church so we gotta get her to church. We have 7 potentials for baptism, they just need to come to church.   It's very frustrating but they need to be ready before baptism.  We have like 400 inactives. They are adding 2 more missionaries next cambio. Lots of work to be done.

3 months in the mission; the time is flying by. I'm learning stuff everyday. Gospel, Language, how to be more like Christ.  It's hard, frustrating, annoying, but I love every second of it (except throwing up and when the investigators don't come to church).  Anyway if you want to know anything, ask questions I'll see what I can do for a answer.

Love ya and miss ya.


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