Monday, February 10, 2014

But it's all good

What's up my peeps. here it goes. 

Well I'm huge, like 210 lbs right now.  It's bad but whatever... had some bomb carnitas with just some of the best pico de gallo y salsa,  my goodness it was good. This month every Friday we eat at the Bishop's house. His wife knows how to cook, so delicious... my goodness...whew just heavenly.
Me vs Mex:
Well the sun is here. I'm loving it but my skin isn't. Gotta little burn on the neck, so it feels nice with my collared shirt everyday... not.  Then there is the sweat, my goodness, I sweat like a champ:  like it's my job and I get paid 1,000 bucks a hour. Anyway it's all  good here - every day has its different experiences;  good stuff and always a blast. 
Well he's a district leader now. got more work to do which makes us late to everything now. So I had a little chat with him. He tried to give me some excuses and I said were on the Lord's time, you gonna give the Lord these excuses and he didn't say anything but he said he would try harder. That's all I am asking for and today he was on time, so it's looking good. He's still the classic jammer; can't hit the tortilla with the salsa on the basketball court.  My goodness... but it's all good.
New District:
Well we got Hermanas; one from Managua, Nicaragua, the other from Guatemala.  They are Serdan 2 and we are Serdan 1.  Lots of work to do here.
Inv/Less Actives:
We have more time to work with less actives cause the Hermanas took all the investigators- We are working with a less active that is a past missionary and knows pretty much everthing about the gospel. His wife left him with the kids and that's the thing that did him in. Pretty sad but he's turning it around and told me he knows this is the only way to live with God again. Just needs to apply it every day, the hardest part. We got a fecha for the 20 of this month, so it's happening.
Anyway my peeps. till next time. and if you didn't get buckets this past week, well get some this week, cause it's all about buckets

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