Monday, February 17, 2014

We're working like some ruppas..


Well its always fun to see and watch new people play basketball. We all think we are better than we really are... some people call it pride, I call it confidence...and when we don't do very well it's called being humbled. Let's just say I do a lot of humbling. Had Elder A and Elder D. the ZL come down and play with us. Elder A. is like a football player, so I threw a little football his way. He didn't like that too much and stopped running into me, so that worked for me.  Elder D. is just big, white and goofy. Before we started he said to me he was called glue back home. I'm not sure what glue he has been using but he should just stick with his name his mother gave him. Then there is Jimmer, wow, he just likes to be that guy. Go watch Dude Perfect Basketball edition on youtube. He is all of those dudes in one body. He also likes to shove and climb on the back during the rebounds. I gave him a Big Mike and well that was the end of that. 

Me vs Mexico:
So I'm all about the sun and love being in it. But in church clothes I ain't  much about it. The sweat is well it's sweat and I'm not a fan. And I'm just sitting in some houses that are so hot and it's pretty wild - I am hot and miserable, but after we start teaching it's all good...don't even notice it.  On the other hand it's just so cold in some of these "Freezers" houses, but when the teaching starts I notice nothing. 
Anyway.....Mexico, well it's wild.  Like every other day I realize I'm in Mexico...still hasn't set in. 

So we have a investigator P. She is the one who has had dreams about us. She gave me and an my companion some ties, chocolates and notes. My note "excellent day excellent life" he got a page letter, so she likes him a little more.
Then there is A. She is awesome and she is a little flirty. It's fun being a white ginger here in Mexico, that's for sure.
Then there is J. Well this guy just needs to make some moves and hit the font. His wife is a member. (He has like no movement in the left side of his face). I asked if he wanted to live with his wife for eternity:  he looked at her and said well who knows. She said no cause she didn't want to look at his face for eternity. Hahaha, they are classic... they said yes after the jokes.

Well it has been more than 3 months living with Jimmer. It has had its ups and downs. More ups. He's just a clown sometimes; always makes me laugh but the questionable things he does...I used to get mad, but now I just laugh and say to myself 'my wife won't be like him, my wife won't be like him'.  Haha,  he's a good dude.
Just here loving it and getting lost in the life of a missionary. It's all good.  We're working like some ruppas and getting buckets. I get bball buckets more he gets dem spanish buckets.

Well there it is my friends. if you have questions, hit me with them. DEUCES

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