Monday, September 1, 2014

Some moves to make

Here it goes my friends: 
Crocodile Hunter:
We went up to help out a member clean up her backyard. So she gave us machetes and said go hack away. Was some of the coolest service I've done. Felt like I was discovering el dorador. Anyway we were resting and the hermana asked if I wanted to catch some vipers. I said ya I'm cool let's do this thing. So I went down and caught one.And as I'm picking it up, she screams, like bloody murder screams, and I freak out and throw this snake. I asked her why she did that. She then proceeds to tell me that they are poisonous snakes. So what do I do?  I go catch 4 more and 3 lizards. As I was walking home I swear I felt Jeff Corwin's jealousy.

So there are no changes. We are kicking it here for another 6 weeks, which will be real nice; we got some moves to make. 
So maybe I should have played soccer as a child but then again no. But I had like 10 goals today. I stole the ball from my comp and he stuck his foot to try to get it back and he fell. Then he stops the game thinking I fouled him, I then run by him brush my shoulder with his and fall screaming and grabbing my knee. Good stuff. Mexicans love to push but when they fall it can't be their fault haha. Good stuff..
Take it easy and don't play with snakes.

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