Monday, August 25, 2014

Two miracles this day

This week was way cool so here it goes:

So we baptized the Hermana G. after 4 years of investigating we closed her out. This women is the strongest dry Mormon I've seen. She has a testimony that is close to the prophets. Wildness. The coolest part is that we went up to a cascade to do the ordinance. So when we got there after a hour and a half of traveling we were taking pics and the Ex presidente of the branch slipped and fell into some rocks. Now me and my comp both saw the slowest fall of all time.  It was like someone was slowly setting him down. Weirdest thing and when we went over to help him up, he almost split his head open on this boulder... talking centimeters. And when we helped him up he was on the softest dirt that I have ever been in. 2 miracles this day. Way cool.

So the second counselor of the mission came down to check out the house and since we live in the middle of nowhere they brought their 2 kids to check out the Tetela wonder and they stayed the night . SLEEPOVER. His wife made some crepes that are downright miracles. Who knows what she did. And then he and his son went with us to eat some tacos.  Well those tacos you just can't go wrong. Way sweet... love it that's for sure. Food in general and free food is even better.

Well that's all, short and sweet but other that that not much happened. Lots of walking, sleeping and preaching. DEUCES

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