Monday, August 11, 2014

He's a straight baller

Here it goes folks:

So there is the ruppa that follows us everywhere. He followed us to 3 appointments and sat in on one of lesssons and came to church. I hope my ruppa is like this. He always chases the other dogs off that are barking at us. He's a straight baller. 

So the married couple that was with me in my old area just got assigned up here. It's pretty sweet, we are just kicking it in their sweet house cracking jokes and washing our clothes with a dryer and washer.  Oh it's beautiful, never thought I would be in love with a dryer in my life but it's the sweetness.

So my comp is a genius and teaches like a straight baller.  I'm trying to learn to teach real smooth, so it's pretty interesting; love learning how to do things easier.  I'm not a man to complicate things, the shorter, the better and the simpler things are the best. 

Well it wasn't too much.  We just helped move the Zimmermans up here and get them all prepped up . Hope it satisfies ya. DEUCES

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