Monday, August 18, 2014

I need to be ready to serve you

This week was cool. Here it goes:

So I had the opportunity to see some pretty funny kids this week. The first was this little 6 year old girl who was at the fair. I was thinking about throwing darts to pop 3 balloons to win a prize but didn't want to lose any money. Then this girl comes up and asks to throw the darts. The lady gives her 3 darts and she throws them one by one, pops three balloons and takes her minion shaped piggy bank and says thanks and walks off. All of this in under 30 seconds. Talk about confidence. I look at my comp, look at the people behind me and turn to the lady and say I think I'll throw too. I followed her example and got my own little piggy bank haha. 
The second is Iv.  He's 6 too. We showed up to his house and he was all dirty as he had been playing in the dirt. After our lesson with them he went and cleaned himself up. He came out with a white tshirt on, his slacks and even put some cologne and put some gel in his hair hahaha.  He kept telling us that he was there to serve us and that whatever we wanted he would get. So we were eating dinner with them and he kept saying that. We kept telling him to sit down and eat but he said no I need to be ready to serve you.  So I told him can you do me a favor;  he said ya anything you want. Then I said can you eat with us.  His face was like, oh crap, then he said ya and sat and ate with us.  Classic times.

So we just made a change to our presidency. It's the Elder Z. Good stuff, get some American style in this rama so we can get this place into a ward. Good change in my opinion. Love him and his wife. They are great people and so freaky funny. 
Well that's about it. Hope we enjoy it.  If you've got questions ask me, eh. DEUCES.

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