Monday, August 4, 2014

You can blame the sickness

This week was, well, not too fun;
SO I was sick starting Monday night till right now. So that's a week straight. It was really cruddy but gave me a week to rest up and sleep and read a lot of the talks from past conferences. It's weird to see the words in the past conference help so much for now and in the future. We had to go to Puebla Friday. Soo that's 4 hrs in a bus to Puebla with stomach sickness and well, you see where I'm going. Not the most ideal place to be but it's all cool.

So we went to the Hospital los Angles which is absolutely huge, like massive, for my companion to get a checkup on his nose. He had surgery on it. Anyway we got there at 5:30 for the doc and the appointment was at 6. Well the doc didn't show up until 7:15. and during this short time we played Hangman with my whiteboard. Was classic times. the simplest things can pass the time. Wildness. 

So Monday we went and visited a less active member and they were testing a new karaoke machine. They were telling me to sing some Mexican songs and I told them I would sing if there was an English song. And with my luck there was ..... Mambo #5. And well I sang was terrible, downright terrible, but it was fun. 

Well that's about all. You can blame the sickness for the boring report. DEUCES

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